If you didn't notice, after the RC33 Update Android Market is no longer in BETA and is now presumably much better (joke). We're sure this isn't that big of a deal but it is interesting since Google typically places all its applications in beta purgatory. Case in point: GMail which launched 5 years ago still carries the BETA tag. So I guess if you run into any trouble with the "new" Android Market feel free to complain! It's no longer BETA!


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Android Market Is No Longer Beta


I don't get it. Is this the link to the Android Market [http://www.android.com/market/] or is it just a page that talks about the market????

It only has 32 apps on it?? That's pretty sad. I'm anxiously awaiting the next Android phone but is this for real?

What other trustworthy, safe websites have a lot of good apps for Android? Post your responses here!!!

josh: that website is just talking about the market, and providing info to developers on how to get their apps in the market

rest assured, the actual market on the android phone has quite a bit more apps.

Guys what are you talking about? There are already 700+ apps on the marketplace.

In that short time, it's great. Look at the numbers it sells and the time. Look at the number of apps and the time, and make a simple calculation. This thing is flying!

eric - where is the Google's "official" marketplace then? I know theres a ton of random third party sites offering Android apps, but I want to see Google's

Not only is the Android Market out of Beta after RC33 but T-Mobile was REMOVED as a contributor


Also the Wall Street Journal stated Paid Apps would come this week - getting close to the wire!

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