Android Market Error

Looks like a good many of us had problems with the Android Market overnight, either seeing limited connectivity or just flat-out not being able to do anything. Lots of variables get thrown into the mix here -- carriers, phones, ROMs -- so share your experience in the comments, and let us know if things are back up for you this morning.


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Android Market hiccups, back up for you yet?


I open the market and the main screen just had little letters that said "No results found" where the featured apps should have been.

android market was down last night 11:23 pm. it was back to normal 6:05 am, downloaded the geico insurance app. works like a charm on my Dinc. miami,fl

Not working i have a sprint evo 4g was down last night back up today also have a moto x 2.2 running on it also was down back up but missing 3/4 of my downloads and when i search for them they dont show in the market new york

I have 2 HTC Heros (Sprint) both just flashed to Cyanogen 6 yesterday. One worked flawlessly, the other kept getting the error/retry thingy.

It was down last night, but is working just fine this morning. I'm using the Sprint EVO in upstate South Carolina.

First I noticed it last night was right after I flashed a new ROM. I was freaking out until I realized it was a market issue. Too bad it was an hour later.

Dang it, I reformatted my Archos 5 thinking something was going wrong with my device. Then I had trouble getting the wifi to connect. A night of frustration over nothing!

Hi, I purchased items already with my original gmail account I set up. I had to delete that account factory reset & use this new one. I am using the same credit card just a new gmail account. Why do I have to buy them again? Is there something that can be done so I don't have to buy all my apps again??? Pleae advise,


I've been having problems with the market for a few days. I have an Incredible running cyanogenmod Rc3. Mainly with connectivity issues.

The market is working fine this morning, but recently have had issues:

*no connectivity
*only showing a portion of downloaded apps
*won't complete update on apps

Running 2.2 (FRG01B) on Motorola Droid.

No problems for me and I was just surfing it from my Stock Droid 2.2 in Utah. And that was more than 10-15 minutes ago.

Failed for me last night around 8-10pm Central, Sprint, HTC EVO Stock 2.2
Checked it this morning and its working.

Still not downloading like it used too. Something is still off. Downloads will just stay paused and never start downloading. Pushes from appbrain are going to downloads, but never start downloading either.

Not working for me this morning. Trying to download a couple of updates and keep getting message that download is unsuccessful. I have a Samsung Captivate.

I have network issues,....No 3G....Facebook can't connect,....No Gmail notifications,.....Can't connect to Market

i had the same problem in eastern nc this morning and late last night everything good now made a phone call at like 2pm and 3g came back for me Droid X

It messed up for me last night as well .I noticed it when loking for any app udates I might needed, no connection ,wifi or 3G got same error in north carolina.Working good today(am ) all correct guess whoever updated the AppBrain messed up LoL :p

Looks like they cleaned up some of the clutter and duplicated apps. Also, it now gives you the option to rate and comment, without having to download the app.

It's definitely working now, but last night........

Last night, i decided to do a hard reset on my DX and practically freaked when I couldn't re-download my apps. Then I slept and woke up a few hours later to the delight that my Android universe was back in sync. Phew******

lastnight i thought it was just my ROM, i was using Cyanogen RC2, and i thought it was the market problem again. But i just said ill fix it later on that morning.. i thought i was the only one so i blamed it on my low bars

Nexus One 2.2 rooted
Still wont install apps with out trying multiple times.They download but after that just sit there without actually installing.Seems like they are not being signed properly but thats just my guess.I say that because after multiple tries the app will install no problem.Very wierd.

@bgall021, any paid app is going to show "purchase authorized" for an update or re-download after re-set even though you are not really going to pay for it again. It's just the "standard program wording" for paid apps. It won't actually transmit a charge to checkout if you've already paid once. (If there is some unlikely glitch and it does, you should be able to email the developer about it)

I noticed the Market problem last night, too. Didn't think about it, really. Happens...

still not working for me! Same goes for gmail funnily enough, push doesnt work and when i sync i dont get all my new mail! :(

HTC Desire 2.2

Carrier: T-Mobile
Country / Language: Puerto Rico / English-Spanish
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable):Android 2.2 / Nexus One

For the last few months I've been calling to T-Mobile customer service related to the no connection to the Android Market.Most of the time it works great through the day, but at nights its a pain in the (somewhere)to get connected to the Market. If they are doing maintenance to the market at least notify so me and other users dont waist time calling the carriers. Nexus One Rocksssss! Android till the end!