Last week Phil and the gang were at Google I/O and we were all hoping a nickname was going to be announced for the new OS, dubbed Android L. We asked you all to play along with us and throw out your guesses. Would it be Android Lollipop? Android Lima Bean? Maybe Android Limoncello (my personal fave).

Well, we still don't know. Google didn't announce a name, so we still just fondly refer to it as Android L. However, as promised, we let the randomator do its thing and choose three lucky guessers to win their choice of prize.

The winners are:

  • Hambutty
  • DroidOn
  • cboekhoven

Congratulations to the winners! You've all been contacted already and prizes are being sorted out. Everyone else, thanks for playing along, and keep an eye out for more contests soon!


Reader comments

Android L doesn't have a name, but we have winners!


In the original post: "If no name is announced, then we'll pick three people at random to win a device."


They should have at least made a name up; if no name is announced everyone gets a chance, and if a name was announced they're immediately ruling themselves out.

How about 1776 winners for the the year of the independence

that seems more fair to me, because then almost everyone wins.

Sweets are best when made with lard. Pie crust are flaky and Hostess used to taste good way back when when they used lard.

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But the real question is.... when WILL they announce the name? Why the mystery and delay this time?

They are delaying because they are hoping some candy company to "pay" some money to promote their candy names. Happened to kitkat.

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They're just delaying it to get some more commotion the day it is announced. Simple and fairly free marketing....

KitKat was probably more of an exception, as the alternatives starting with K were pretty boring.

No money exchanged hands, but cross-marketing deals like that are definitely valuable! It comes down in the "money we didn't have to spend" column, which accountants and project managers can use in so many creative ways :)

According to some folks working on the project, this was all because Google knows how search works.

Android L is pretty damn buggy, and Google is filled with search hits about those bugs. When the new name comes along, people will search for it instead of Android L and won't be influenced :)

While lollipop is a good suggestion, I think it will end up being called Liquorice, unless they are going the way of mainstream name-brand candies,

I was going to say Lollipop as well but it got me thinking how many "Suck" jokes are going to come from it. Can't see any good coming from that...