We all know that Android 4.4 will officially named KitKat, but what features will it bring?

Every corner, every edge has been carefully considered and crafted.

It really does taste as good as it looks.

With adjustable orientation that works perfectly in portrait or landscape.

Sure, it's a little tongue-in-cheek fun poking at overly-lofty technology commercials, but you're crazy if you don't think this is a brilliant marketing campaign. Let's hope we find out the true features of the operating system side of things sooner rather than later.


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Android KitKat 4.4: Confectionary perfectionary


Well that's what I'm excited about. To make an amazing Android experience for everyone is perhaps referencing fragmentation. It would be really awesome for Google to be able to truly address this.

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Easy. All we need is someone to finally run stock android. Is it really that bad that these guys need to avoid it like the plague?

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It would be great if they could push out updates for Android through the Play Store. I know that seems kinda out of this world but just think about it. Android 2.3 and higher can get the upgrade, then BAM! Very little fragmentation. Maybe as much as Apple. ;-)

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What is the point? I hope they don't waste any time on 4.3. S4 already has the bluetooth stuff and you don't use profiles on a phone. What else is there?

Having a profile on a phone can be really beneficial if you have young children who like to play games on your phone while driving etc.

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Why on earth are you letting your young children drive in the first place let alone play games while doing so?

Keep in mind that my over 1 year old GS3 is still running 4.1... go figure. I wouldn't hold my breath. In case you are counting, that means that it has been over 1 year without any version updates

Seriously? What carrier? That's really sad. If the Galaxy 3 isn't able to get quick updates than everyone must be damned. Thank god for Nexus.

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Willing to admit this... but KitKat is pretty much my favorite chocolate bar. I think I've consumed more KitKats in my life than any other type of chocolate bar. Also love Coffee Crisp.

You, sir, have great taste.

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Wow! Good job on them. This is a great way to advertise. Call me a sucker, but the next chocolate bar I buy will be a KitKat!

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In that case, somebody should tell Nestle's stockholders then as there is some 'splainin to do.

Nothing ever is done "just cause". Ever see TV shows that blur out logos of companies that won't pay them product placement dollars? Nestle wouldn't have done it if they didn't think it would be good marketing.

The reason for Kit Kat is that a lot of Google developers like to eat Kit Kat. That is the primary reason for the name. And yes, Google had to ask them to use it, but it's not like it was named Kit Kat for money.

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There is no figuring it out. The information came with the story about the name of the next OS. Your original post implies you weren't aware of this information. It's not some marketing ploy like you are implying.

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You missed the point. Why did KitKat say yes? They love Google? I doubt it. In fact, trademarks have to be protected. They assented for the advertising.

I think you missed the point. My original comment was pointing out how this wasn't done as any sort of major advertisement issue. It was just a random, funny idea. And I was speaking about Google's intentions here. Not Nestle. And as popular as Android is, this won't do much for Nestle. This isn't going to make or break Kit Kat being an already awesome snack. It is just a cool situation. Look at Nestle's stock and then check it 6 months from now. This isn't some game changing move or anything like that.

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Here's what you replied to:

"...this is a great way to advertise. Call me a sucker, but the next chocolate bar I buy will be a KitKat!"

The implication is that the association created desire and a call to action (both pillars of marketing) on the part of the Android user for a KitKat bar. Thus, the context was advertising on the part of Nestle, not Google.

It is advertisement with Hershey and for Hershey's KitKat trademark. However, I'm surprised Google didn't go with a more popular Hershey's chocolate bar or candy, such as Kisses.

Kisses can't be trademarked. That's why they are called Hershey's Kisses and that starts with an H.

Ok, I'm past the brilliant name game of 4.4, and I'm ready to hear some OS details!

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I was sort of expecting 4.4 to be called Kandy Kane because of the candy cane in the android 4.3 Easter egg (Tap the version number three times to see a bunch of jellybeans, one half jellybean, and one candy cane). But Kandy Kane with a K does look sort of weird.

HAHAHA. I love this.

It ain't official until it's official - shoutout everyone that assumed KLP and 5.0.

Well seeing as the HTC one already has 4.2 and should be getting 4.3 I'm pretty sure it will get 4.4

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I'm kind of worried that 4.4 is going to be an incredibly minor update and is more of a cheap marketing gimmick than anything else. I really hope Google proves me wrong.

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It's not a cheap marketing gimmick at all. It's just a random naming sequence that wasn't overly thought out. I'm sure the update is significant enough if they felt the need to name it something different. Relax man!

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It's possible, but based on their small description of 4.4 i would assume this update will focus on making the whole OS faster and more optimized for many devices, including lower spec devices. Kinda what JB did to make things run smoother, i think this will make the whole OS faster. Many have complained about Android lag so maybe they are finally optimizing the OS.

It could be an important update for Android in countries outside the United States, where devices are not so great. I have run ICS on a single core device and it wasn't so fun most times. Hopefully this would mean Android would perform stellar on premium devices.

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I'm hoping it addresses fragmentation but your logic seems to be likely. Either way its a huge step in the right direction. Android lag seems to be all but a thing of the past.

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It would be nice to be downloading it Tuesday during the Apple event.

Not sure how accurate it is, but a piece I read earlier today mentioned that the updates usually rollout around a week after officially named.

This is great strategy to increase brand awareness. Most people don't even realise they have an android phone

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Naming the OS Kit Kat won't change that anyway. People who aren't consumed by the tech world couldn't care less about stuff like this.

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I feel like that renamed it just to prove everyone wrong (the people: Key lime pie 5.0) so google said (kitkat 4.4) :-P

They renamed it from Key Lime Pie to Kit Kat because they felt not many people knew what Key Lime Pie tasted like.

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Or more likely that the cross-advertising potential was too good to pass up.

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Hmmm...on the one hand key lime pie is my favorite desert...on the other hand I REALLY want a kitkat bar now.

Thanks a lot Google ;-P

Also with the Nexus 4 going on a fire sale and now the announcement of the next android version I'm really hoping a Nexus 5 is around the corner (please be good!)

SO.... since we guessed wrong on that one... lets try again with the "L"
Laffy taffy?
Lemon drops?
Life Savers?
Or Lollipops?

Some thoughts:
1. I was sort of emotionally invested in Key Lime Pie. But that commercial was fantastic, so I can deal.
2. Um, when is this coming out? It seems like it will be fairly soon.
3. Where are the Nexus devices being released with it? When can we expect to see them?
4. Android 4.3 sure was short lived. It's hardly been a month.
5. I don't care about my #4...bring on more Android.

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This is the reason I really love Google. They don't take themselves too seriously. After I saw the statue and read that it's next update is being called KitKat, I have been smiling ever since! Great job guys! Now who is taking bets on the first non-Nexus phone to get it?

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Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar

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Quality. People still waiting for 4.2, manufacturers getting out of 4.2 updates by saying they're going straight to 4.3 and Google announces 4.4 KitKat which by the time it reaches all but the privileged few, we'll be looking for Mars Bar or Peanut Butter or some other flavoursome morsel designed to keep you desiring the latest and greatest.

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I love the speed of Google's updates. They are so fast. But you are right. The phone manufacturers and carriers are pathetically slow. Which is why Nexus is the only Android phone I would ever buy until that gets corrected.

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I just noticed on the KitKat website, under tech specs, for weight it says "Under specific conditions KITKAT 4.4 has been known to be virtually weightless." Is this a possible reference to KitKat 4.4 taking up less system resources?

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If you look under it, it says "* Please note: KITKAT 4.4 is only weightless when sent into outer space. Which we've already done, remember?" LOL

Ah, didn't see that, the second I saw what I posted, I came to Android Central to post about it. :-)

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Hmm I prefer a Finger of Fudge. How about Lion Bar for the next L name, I love them too.

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Why do I feel like Google totally sold out them selves on this one.

UGH... the day Android "Jumped the shark".

How did they sell out? It was a "no-money-exchanged" mutual beneficial deal between both companies. And really, it changes nothing. 4.4 is apparently going to be more than a maintenance update and will clearly be around until at least Google IO. So if they add some free marketing behind it by Nestle, give them a couple hundred Nexus devices to give away, and in the end everyone actually knows what Android 4.4 is...well, it seems worth it. Risk and reward. Only there wasn't really a risk...just reward. Good job, to both Google and Nestle.

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Frawls Google didn't sell out at all. Just some developers came up with Kit Kat because that's a sweet snack they eat while developing and it starts with the letter K. It is really just that simple.

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Haha, love the candy bar (especially served cold). But for some reason Kit Kat also kind of sounds like a stripper's name. :O

At least they went with a candy that can be fragmented...

Actually, it is very nice promo. It looks like it is going to be a pretty big success for both companies. Well played.

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Sweet (pun intended).

I guess I'm as surprised as anyone that they went with a trademarked name.

Are KitKats well known outside of the US?

I wonder if the "portrait or landscape" comment is indicative that they are finally gonna allow the launcher to auto-rotate on phones. Maybe I'm over thinking it.

I literally just went check the work vending machine for a KitKat. (They had none.)

4.4?!?!?! Why you no 5.0 google? With a new name I hope this is more than a maintenance release.

When does the video of the statue installation come out?

Squints eyes, can't tell if real or parody!?


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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

4.4 is Kit Kat. OK...

So will Google opt for product tie-ins on all of its OS updates now? Will "L" be Laffy Taffy? Will "S" be Snickers? Will "P" be Pepsi? Will "M" be Mountain Dew?

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Nah "laffy Taffy" is not an international brand so I doubt they'd use it (what the hell is it anyway? Is Taffy American for toffee?)

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If the developers like a specific treat with an L then maybe. The whole name game is not a serious issue.

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here is how this will work....

4.5 kitkat will have a short span life because the contract/licensing google has with nestle will only last up to a year (i really want to say 6-10months) so they dont want to keep calling their OS after a real candy bar for obvious reasons. this "gimmick" will introduce us to 5.0/whatever L name (im guessing lemon meringue) by summer 2014. mock my words :)

There is no contract with Nestle. You guys are all making way too big of a deal with this whole thing. It was just a fun, random event. This entire comments section has been ridiculous.

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In terms of a time limit on the name Kit Kat. Google gets to use Kit Kat, Kit Kat does some limited Android promotion and that's the jist of it.

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No money changed hands apparently. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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You are probably right, but this bit of comedy will probably never make it to the mainstream (average) person.

I loved it, though. I had JUST watched an Apple "infomercial" regarding OS7. It was nauseating.

These days, I'd think that most people would be rather disturbed by those sorts of Apple adverts. They're almost insulting. Even the mainstream person is too hip for this style (right?).

I hope this doesn't count as an actual software revision, was looking forward to KLP 5.0. Maybe too many people expected that so they wanted to skip a letter. Ready for 5.0 Lollipop?!

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I believe the specs on the Kit Kat site are giving us clues... Hopefully edge to edge screen is one of them.

Interesting that we're going to have 3 "Major" android releases under the 4.X version number (ICS, JB, KK)

I thought for sure they would bump it up to 5.0

I guess that means kit-kat won't be such a big update.