Hugo Barra, Google's director of product management for Android, just announced on Google+ that Android devices have officially hit the 500 million install milestone. That number sounds huge until you consider that 1.3 million phones and other devices are being activated daily

The folks on the Android team should be proud, and we'd all like to extend our congratulations to them on this feat. I'm sure many of you guys feel the same, so let 'em know how much we love them in the comments!

Source: +Hugo Barra


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Android hits 500 million installs


One of the bright spots in my life is the day I bought my first Android phone, the HTC Droid Incredible. I'm now in tow with the Galaxy S III and couldn't be happier. As far as I'm concerned, although it is all about choice, I choose Android and will never look back. :-)

This is what kills me. Android is activating 1.3 million devices a day, there are 500 million devices are installed. Yet, this tiny company called Apple is going to announce a new phone tomorrow and they say it will sell 6 to 10 million in the first week. Media are all falling all over themselves anointing Apple as the undisputed leader. Yet while Apple is selling those 6 to 10 million iPhones, there will be 9.1 million Android phones activated.

How can Apple be "winning"? Maybe the iPhone is winning as a device against individual Android devices, but as a whole Android is demolishing iOS.

Love being a part of this phenomenon!!! The Android community is the best!!! All the devs and the modding community totally kick ass!! And cant forget the folks over at the Googs. Congratulations to the Android Team!!! Android for life!!!

Hahaha! Love it, thats freakin awesome...keep it coming, android ftmfw! Even if apple had better
numbers, I still wouldn't want an iphone. Android
Just fits and works perfect for me and my needs.