We've been telling anyone who would listen that Motorola Hardware + Android OS = Killer Device. We especially feel confident considering that Motorola without Android is simply floundering--they recently revealed that they lost about $4.6 BILLION dollars in the fourth quarter. Yeah, it can't get worse than that can it?

So what's the current plan of action? Well, for one it looks like a re-focused Motorola is coming to play in 2009. 2009 will be the Year of the Android for Motorola because they believe that Android is a more compelling platform than the current state of Windows Mobile. Sounds good to us. If they need saving, Android should certainly be a great buoy for them until that WinMob7 comes around, if it ever does.

What do you guys think? Can Android save Motorola? Is it even possible to recoup $4.6 billion?

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Is Android Enough To Save Motorola? What About Windows Mobile 7?


No it is not, it is impossible to create a phone as half popular as iPhone using Android. And it is impossible to compete with Blackberry in enterprise. If Motorola were a small upstart it maybe good, but with the totally dysfunctional PCS, the answer is surely no.

Looks like Tin Man should eat its own words now that a year has passed. Motorola isnt exactly the leading phone market company but they are doing quite well with Android now, and seems they are making great devices. I really like the Backflip and the Droid, and thinkin in Motorola as a serious option for my next device. Good for them.