Mondays mean more than just hangovers and piles of work in ye olde inbox around here; it means the start of another Android Central photo contest! This week we're going all out and asking you fine folks to snap a picture of the subject you know best -- yourself. Use that front facing camera, or do up a solid MySpace bathroom mirror shot, or get a friend to take your mugshot and share it with the world.

We're looking for creativity. Make us laugh, make us cry, or make us ohh and ahh over the awesome scenery behind you, but give us something a little extra. We're not about to hold a beauty contest here. Don't be shy, grab your Android phone (or tablet) and join in. Here's the rules:

  • Use an Android device to take the picture.
  • Send it to pics@androidcentral.com, along with a name we can use and the model of Android you used to take it. We like knowing this kind of stuff.
  • If you send in more than one, or send me a link instead of an attachment, your entry gets filed in the trash folder, so don't do it. I hate it when I have to do that.
  • Get me the pictures before the end of the night on Friday.

This week we're giving away an Android Central t-shirt to the top five, so the next time you take a self-portrait you'll look good rocking a little bit of Lloyd. Good luck everyone! 


Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest: Self-portrait


All please notice that this is an article posted shortly after the "How to take good nakid pic of yourself" article...

Just saying.

If you don't already have a natural beard like Jerry's, please grow one quickly or visit your local costume store to correct that oversight. Everyone who submits should have a beard.

Wow, Jerry. You sure like The Beatles! I see Yellow Submarine and Hard Days Night I reckon. Good Man.

'Use that front facing camera, or do up a solid MySpace bathroom mirror shot' is it necessary to do this?..can't we take a pic with our back cam