Congrats to Justadye4, who won this weeks photo contest with his perfect composition of a budding pine in Boulder taken with the EVO 4G. The depth of field and focal effects are gorgeous. Thanks for entering, and keep an eye on your inbox for info about your prize.

This week was the hardest photo contest to judge yet. I'm pleased to say that almost every single entry was pulled out and considered for the winner. I don't know if it was the subject, or random luck, or just that you guys are so damn good with your cameras, but the quality of this weeks entries just floored us. Have a look through the contest thread and see for yourself. We tried to pull a few out that deserve a special nod (see those after the break), but each and every entry was special. The best part? We'll be back next week to do it all over again. Keep those lenses clean folks!

Photo credits, in order:


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Android Central weekly photo contest winner: The great outdoors


well congrats to the winner and the runners up. I look forward to perfecting my hosting abilities so my shots can be better viewed for next week. congrats again!

Congrats to the winner....that is a great shot.
Honored I made the runner up list for the second time (caterpillar pic) one of these times I will take top spot;-)
Can't wait for next weeks contest

Thanks man! but i REALLY like your pic...i think it deserved to win. great photo. sorry to hear about the E3D though....but the new phone should keep you busy for sure.

The EVO that took the winning shot is now in the graveyard :( Bassnectar concert was not nice to it this weekend. Thanks for picking me to win, look forward to next weeks contest. New E4GT coming in the mail to take more pics. All the pics on this post are awesome BTW.

Ok, next time i know for these contests the judges get hard ons for close up pics so i'll have to remember that. Or maybe they don't like filters, considering I don't much either but it made my pic look so awesome I had too. I'll just have to do macro shots from now on...

wow all of you did a super job with your pics.... this seems like tons of fun, so count me in. when will the next photo contest take place?

great day to all!!

oh, how do you enter a photo?

newby here please try to understand.

I am glad two of us with the Galaxy Nexus made the runners up list! Our camera gets too much hate! :0)