Andrew Hammer

The winner of this weeks Android Central photo contest is Andrew Hammer.  He gives us this lovely picture of a butterfly, taken with his T-Mobile Galaxy S II.  It's a stunner, and fits in perfectly with the animal theme we asked for last week.  It's hard to believe pictures this great can come from our Android phones.  Thanks for entering everyone, and Andrew, check your inbox for details about your prize.

The pictures you guys are sending in are phenomenal.  It's difficult for us to pick a winner each week, but we're loving it.  Look through this weeks runners-up to see what I mean.  We'll be back tomorrow with another contest for the week, as long as you guys promise to keep sending in such great pictures!


Courtesy DavidJ, taken with the HTC EVO 4G

Ben Kappel

Courtesy Ben Kappel, taken with the HTC Desire Z

Elad Lublinski

Courtesy Elad Lublinski, taken with the Samsung Nexus S


Courtesy BroadcastJunkie, taken with the HTC EVO 3D


Courtesy Rick, taken with the HTC Thunderbolt

Sean Geary

Courtesy Sean Geary, taken with the Samsung Nexus S

Jordan Hotmann

Courtesy Jordan Hotmann, taken with the Motorola Atrix 4G


Courtesy turdbogls, taken with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Doug Hazelman

Courtesy Doug Hazelman, taken with the Motorola Photon 4G


Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest winner: Animals


I appreciate the kind words. That is my Ball Python (named Cody) and that picture was taken without any type of enhancement. Those were his natural colors when I first got him.

I agree. It's far superior to the winner. That's why I wouldn't enter one of these contests. The judges are suspect.

The quality of modern smartphone cameras amaze me. It wasn't that long ago that we had "smartphones" with 1.3 MP fixed focus/non-flash cameras, such as the one on m first smartphone, an HTC Apache/PPC6700, which ran Windows Mobile.

The quality of that camera stunk at its best, and my Samsung Galaxy S can trounce it soundly, with almost 4x the resolution, auto-focus, an LED flash, and even anti-shake.

I've told people that point & shoot cameras are a dying breed, since the best camera is the one you have with you, and for an increasing number of people, that means the one in their smartphones.

Although I didn't win this week I am thankful to have been showcased in the runners up. (pelican photo) and I will be giving it a go next week. Can't wait and congrats to the winner even though an insect isn't an animal;)

Amazing butterfly picture! I'm impressed to see depth of field in a picture from a camera and it's incredible that he was able to get that picture without scaring off the butterfly. Simply amazing.

If the photographer is watching, I'd love to see a 100% crop of that image. It can't be that good at 100%, can it? My poor sad little Backflip. I'll just go back to being amazed now :)

As an aside, any idea why I'm not seeing EXIF data on any of those images? Did AC strip the EXIF data?

Hi. Thank you,that pic was mine. I just happened to get a cooperative butterfly. I cropped it 100% and it still looks good until you zoom in. Thats where you notice the lack of magapixels. Aside from that this phone takes great photos, so something to consider when youre due for an upgrade...