bad habits

We all have bad habits. I drink entirely too much coffee, and every time I try to cut back (because I know how bad it is for me), I end up back at it again within a week. It's one of my personal vices, and I hate it. But it's also delicious and I love it. As my wife, and my doctor, say -- I'll quit one way or the other.

Enough about my bad habits, this week we want to see yours. No need to be shy, let's see a visual representation of the things you do, that you wish you didn't. It's a great way to have fun, and there's a cool prize in it for a lucky winner -- a Motorola P970 portable charger. It's perfect for those phones with non-removable batteries, and so easy you may just end up using it instead of swapping batteries around. The rules have changed a little bit, so pay attention to this part.

  • Use an Android device to take a picture. Any Android device
  • Submit the picture in the forum thread we have set up for this week, so everyone can see your handiwork. E-mail was swamping us, and not everyone got to see all the entries. This way, we get to see them all. We like seeing it all.
  • Only submit one. We're going to check, and we'll know if you try to game the system.
  • Be sure to tell what device you used, and any effects or filters used on the photo. We can learn from these as well as have fun.
  • Get your picture in by Friday midnight (your local time). We'll pick the winner and the runners-up and throw them on the blog Sunday afternoon.
  • Pictures of vice-grips or bench vices aren't going to win. I'm an Interweb troller from way back. 

Protip: The Android Central forums app is a super-easy way to upload pictures right from your device. Grab it and see for yourself.

Good luck, and get to snapping!

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pDoG says:

Perfect! Got one in mind.

Realist says:

picture of you masturbating to porn will probably get you disqualified...

dbattenfl says:

But why would anyone want to

xeroslash says:

"Pictures of vice-grips or bench vices aren't going to win."

( •_•)

What if my bad habit...

( •_•)>⌐■-■

is Miami?



joebob2000 says:

best. post. evar.

pDoG says:


danfinger says:

Unless you have high blood pressure or coronary artery disease, the cream you add to your coffee is actually worse for you than the coffee itself.

icebike says:


Coffee has health benefits that are starting to get recognition:

Maybe it's what Jerry puts in the coffee?

adzrules says:

You use WebMD as your source of scientific knowledge?...Fail

KrsWon says:

yea, my first real use for instagram, ha.

emayekayee says:

App sucks. Keep getting a security error whenever I try to upload the photo. I'll do it later when I get home, and can do it on a real desktop. Shame, too, because I think it's a pretty decent photo.