Markers is fun!

If you follow my antics on Google+, you know that Markers is one of my favorite apps. It's a pressure sensitive drawing application, that's lightweight and thoughtfully done. Fooling around with it is a heck of a lot of fun. That's why this week we're doing something a little different and instead of a photo, we want to see your creations with the Markers app!

The app is free in Google Play, and works equally well with fingers or a stylus. I can promise that you'll keep this one installed. Speaking of a stylus, we'll pick five winners from the contest thread and send them a stylus of their choice from Entering is easy:

Get the Markers app from Google Play | Enter the contest in the forums


Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest: Markers


this seems kind of weak... making us download an app that you specify. what, if you simple told us to draw something on any app that we see fit. then submit it. that way we can also compare apps in the process not tell us you need this app. i sir will pass on this one

Just got the SGS3 and I've been using S-Memo way more than i thought i ever would (sans pen). Who knew i was such a finger arteest?