Oh, that Lloyd. Everybody's favorite Android Central mascot sure does get around. 

We've seen him in Kuwait. He sneaked into the iPad 2 launch. He crashed the BlackBerry PlayBook party. Invaded Minecraft. Plays beer pong. So, yeah. Dude gets around. And here he is in Khartoum, Sudan. Not quite sure what he's doing, but damned if he don't look good.

via @khalidhamdi


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Android Central in the Sudan


Um, Looks like Lloyd might be pushing a cheap knockoff tablet running "Anndroyd" with top games like "Disgruntled Birds".

The store is called N.OKIA [on a prominent location next to fast food restaurants]{the back story of the photo}, and they sell Nokia and other brands, they also got a Samsung specific section [down the road there's an actual Samsung Mobile dealership {legit too}], anyway this store got the Galaxy tabs 7.7 - 10.1, Galaxy S2 and the Note even,the pictures outside give off the cheap knockoff feel, but inside, the prices!, well lets just say a knockoff would be desirable.