Android CentralWe're into the second week of our month long Stuff Your Stocking contest here at Android Central, and that means that we've got a handful of winners to announce.

Last week we had random drawings from the forums, and we've tallied things up, consulted the random number generator, and picked winners for each day's contest. Each winner will need to check their inbox for all the details, but there's a $10 Google Play gift card with your name on it. I imagine everyone wants to know who those winners are, so let's get on with it!

A big holiday congrats goes out to each of you from all of us here at Android Central, and we know you'll find something great in Google Play to spend your gift cards on. Plus, you're automatically entered to win a Nexus 4 from us!

Don't forget that this week (we still have 23 gift cards that need a home) to enter you'll need to subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave a comment on a video. Read the full details here. Good luck, congrats to last week's winners, and thanks everyone for entering!

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Congratulations! :-(

congrats winners

miknxn says:

congrats! Njoi!

betsuni says:

Congratulations to the winners!

Tsudeily says:

Congrats all of you! Happy Lloydmas to all!

Mobius360 says:

Congratulations everyone

E-mails sent! Congrats, everyone!

Alcarnor14 says:

Grats to all & YouTube channel subscribed and commented. :)

Jacques says:

I haven't seen my email yet, but thanks a bunch, Android Central!!!

gabbott says:

Thanks Android Central!! :)
Waiting on my email.

lordkaladar says:

Grats, you lucky punks! =)