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Can't wait to get your hands on the Toshiba Thrive? You're not alone. Android Central Forums member illwood has his already and has given it a proper tablet-on-carpet unboxing. It's one of the strong, silent unboxings, but it does the job, properly slitting the tape before raising the Honeycomb tablet aloft before the masses as a rainbow magically appears in the background.

OK, some of that stuff happens. Check it out above.

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Android Central reader unboxes the Toshiba Thrive before we do


I like how nearly half of this unboxing video is of the outside of the box. Who gave this guy this device anyway? He clearly does not know how to do an unboxing video, which is clear by the total absence of any narration.

Well looks like he didn't have a tripod like is the case for most people and had to do it one handed. Would have liked to have seen it started up though.

I apologize if I creeped anyone out with my silent unboxing. I hadn't prepared anything intelligent to say about the tablet, so I decided that the "appear a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt" was the proper route. Besides, I don't like the bad commentary, smoke detectors that need batteries, and dogs barking that seem to plague most YouTube unboxing videos.

Yes it was my first unboxing. I am thinking about doing a video review of it after a day or so of use and that will have a more thought out dialog (and a tripod).

I think your next purchase should be a tripod lol. Good video though! We don't need narrating for an unboxing for all the haters above.

Well we've had these in stock at my best buy store for almost 2 weeks but just not out on display. We just put one out on display today and its available Sunday offically.

i cant wait for Sunday for this to release, my local BB has them too idk why they wont just release it now, plus im deciding whether or not if i'm gonna do a unboxing review

Its just a street date that we have to follow. Rules you know. I'm glad they are finally on display.

Radioshack has them too! It's a nice tablet just wish the battery had a larger capacity for being as big as it is.

Seems very thick compared to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 I love the thinness of the tab. This looks like the Xoom to me with the thickness.yuck

Though I do like the thinness of the Galaxy tab, I prefer to get a replaceable battery and full size ports for some extra thickness. I think the new Galaxy tabs are a great option too.

Anyone else notice that Toshiba used the wrong form of 'its' on the box? How could they miss that? LOL They use the hyphenated it's...for possessive when it should be 'its' with no apostrophe. Amazing that could get by their copywriters.

'The Perfect Sum Of All Its Parts'

not: 'The Perfect Sum Of All It's Parts

meh...they're japanese.

I'm fine with silent videos. Heck, I tend to instantly mute any Android Central videos anyway, as the ever-present "bwomp-bwomp-tinkle-tinkle-bwomp" music they use is like nails on a chalkboard to me.