In case you missed the news earlier, we've decided to discontinue the standalone, downloadable video version of the Android Central Podcast. All that means is you won't have a feed with which to download and watch the podcast offline.

We are still doing the Android Central Podcast. (We're recording live again this Friday afternoon. I hope you join us.) And we still have video for those who actually like seeing us. You'll just have to watch it online, on YouTube.

That's all that's changed.

And as has been the case for some time, we've got a handy playlist all worked up so that you can flip around at will. That's it at the top of this post. Bookmark it. Save it. Shout it from the rooftops. Cause we're not going anywhere.


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This is the Android Central Podcast YouTube playlist


Hey, g plus just got a ui update, the comments section on mobile looks different

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I understand and respect the bandwith saving measures, I only wish Youtube itself was as good as standalone podcast managers. Its not.

YouTube hasn't been a good experience for me as of lately. It no longer caches for instant replay, and it takes forever to load songs. And when it does, on ad comes on, lol.

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Hi Phil,
- I was wondering if it's possible to listen to some of the early podcasts? Are they still around somewhere?

I'd really want to be able to follow the development and the podcast retrospectively - I started following AC around podcast #60, and I really wonder what the early ones were like..

Please - if possible - how can I/we get to listen to these oldies but goodies??

Cheers from a sunny Copenhagen, Denmark

Well, I certainly enjoyed "catching up" with the latest video cast by watching it and I really enjoyed Phil's unique facial expressions during the video. But, alas old times are bygones, so I guess I will listen only

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