How is that for a table full of fun?'s Nicolas Charbonnier is at the Samsung Developers Conference and he spends a few minutes with Phil to talk about some really wild Android "fakes" from China.

They are all ARM powered, which is Nicolas' forte, and you'll see everything from a $50 iPhone 5S clone to a crazy e-ink touch screen device that has a two-week battery life. Of course, they all run Android.

This is without a doubt the most interesting thing you'll see on the Internet tonight. 

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Android Central Live: Nicolas has the coolest toys


I came down with a serious case of device envy at the mere mention of two-week battery life.

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I'm amazed how these aren't more widely used. What's the average life of these devices?

Keep it secret keep it safe..... ø

I didn't catch a price on that Nook clone. I would definitely buy that so my girlfriend doesn't have to steal my Nexus 7 to read her ebooks.