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Listen up everybody -- the Android Central Forums app just got a little bit more awesome. An update has just been pushed out into the Google Play Store that makes full use of the Tapatalk 2 back-end. 

If you're not familiar with Tapatalk 2, it's essentially the same setup we all know and love. The most noticeable difference -- an awesome looking new UI. The Android Central Forums just got a little bit sexier! 

Of course, we know that you guys are already rocking this -- you are, right? -- So head into the Play Store and hit the update. But, just in case it slipped you by the first time, we've got some handy download links for you after the break. Come on in and chat with us! 


Reader comments

Android Central Forums app updated, now with added good looks!


I find it funny that you guys were preaching about android designs and how all developers should get with the program and stop including the legacy menu button yet, your app has it. It looks horrible on my One X. Lead by example. Preaching will only get you so far.

There's a lot they can do about it; they can demand that it adheres to design standards since the app is made for them! That's like saying there's nothing that Apple can do about a screen that isn't up to "Retina Display" specs just because it's made by a 3rd party.

Can we choose a color scheme? If not....Get rid of those green bars at the top of the screens. I don't want to look at key-lime pie.