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Now that a couple days have passed, and you have had ample time to read about the Amazon Kindle Fire, talk it over with all your "knowledgeable" friends, and make a decision, we are dying to know. Did you pull the trigger and preorder one of these, or are you waiting for another device? Is the ability to sideload Android applications enough for you, or are you looking for the full Android experience? Be sure to let us know, and if you haven't gone ahead with a preorder, will you be in the near future?

Preorder the Amazon Kindle Fire

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Not Yet... but I will. I like the idea of just having a media consumption device... Dual-core Proc for $199 ... Just something to have on the Go easy to carry around for my books magazines movies... whatever... $200 Is my Impulse buy territory...definitely... And more importantly I trust Amazon as a company.

HedonismBot says:

Call me when the nightlies for CyanogenMod 8 are available ;)

GameBoi says:

Amazon Fire is cheap and they'll lose money for every unit sold, BUT! I more the fire sell, the more the amazon app store become popular and they'll make they money back from there. Smart. Sony did the same thing with the PS3, lose money on the console, gain it back with the blu ray sales.RIM should've thought of that along time ago.

HalizDad says:

People bought the Yugo and the Edsel when it came out. Pacer and Gremlin, too. This is just the tablet equivalent of those with no SD card slot. If it had the SD slot this would be a pretty cool little tablet.

dcreed says:

See the other story today about the price drop for the HTC Flyer.

HalizDad says:

Phil, how much is Amazon paying you guys for all this coverage? You don't go this far on a PHONE!

Will probably get it mainly to serve as an e-reader but not sure on bad it would be on my eyes instead of e-ink. E-reader plus tablet features, all for $200, with the possibility of rooting... I'm sold.

bbroecker says:

Yeah, I pre-ordered, but as a gift for my daughter. She's been wanting a Kindle for a while, and this will be so much more.

dmcman73 says:

I did the same thing, bought 2 for my younger kids. If it supports being able to load up movies on this instead of going through the market, I'll keep it for them that way they can read, play games and watch movies while out on road trips and they won't have to fight over what they want to watch or read.

jetsaredim says:

I'm considering putting my fire sale Touchpad on ebay to find the purchase.

gordol says:

Nope, not going to. The Fire looks like an eReader on (ste/And)roids, not a full normal Android tablet. If I want that kind of functionality, I'll get a Nook Color which is more open in what formats it supports out of the box, to replace my original Nook.

bsharitt says:

I'm waiting to see some real hands on usage from others first. Though basically if the Aldiko epub reader already available on the Amazon App Store is still there on the Fire and works well, I'm on board.

A secondary preference, but not a deal breaker, is either native side loading support, or a simple hack that allows it and side loaded apps can be run from the standard launcher, since my biggest beef with the NC is that you have to run basically run two different launchers(or go completely with a terrible phone oriented launcher) leading to a poor user experience. Really the only thing I'm missing on the NC is some more media options. If B&N launched an official Netflix app, I'd probably not think about the Kindle Fire too much.

hapbeeboy says:

got a 32gb touchpad for ($149). . .so i'm good. I like webos (looks like amazon might be buying webos from the HP clowns). . .but the lack of apps will mean i'll be flashing CM7/8 on this bad boy as soon as it's out. .

bsharitt says:

I got the same model too, but without my 2 of my 3 biggest tablet functions missing(Neflix and decent ereading for anything but Kindle was missing, but the web browser is the best I've used on a tablet), I ended up selling it on Craigslist for a profit.

OrionAntares says:

Where's the "No, I already have a Nook Color" option? :P

HalizDad says:

Exactly! And now that the Flyer dropped to $300.00 it is going to start the tablet pricing war. I don't think the Fire is going to stand a chance. FULL android market, 16GB onboard, 32GB expandable, etc.

Sniper1087 says:

even though the fire has only 8gb storage, it also has unlimited cloud storage

smthomas66 says:

Hmmmm, HTC Flyer dropping to $299 looks more attractive. A few more hardware features and you're not locked into what Amazon can sell you. For example all video content on the Fire will have to be provided by Amazon so you're never getting Netflix or any other service that competes with them.

While I would prefer a tablet with the full Android experience, the price is low enough that I'll give it a shot.

6XGate says:

The lack of Bluetooth is the main reason I most likely will not get one of these; otherwise, it seems really good for the price.

dcreed says:

For $100 more I can get an HTC Flyer and not be strapped to Amazon.

Then again, being locked into Amazon for any price is about as abhorrent to me as tying myself to Apple.

jtwebfusion says:

Second that. The Archos G8 is $299 and comes with Honeycomb.

bsharitt says:

From what I've heard, the newest Archos tablets are the same crap quality as their previous tried at Android tablets.

dleasman says:

Yes, I ordered it as soon as the order page was up, but cancelled my order a few hours later, after thinking about it. Why? 1) No expansion SD slot, 2) non camera, 3) no microphone, 4) it will likely be like the NOOK Color, which I have and NEVER use, because it is restricted to be used in the B&N approved way... You even have to purchase Angry Birds, which is free for every other device. I don't want to have to use it in the Amazon restricted way... I would rather spend the extra $100 and get the HTC Flyer, but really want a 10" dual core android tablet, but not until HTC makes one.

bxojr says:

Nope, I preordered a Kindle Touch. I want a dedicated e-reader, and I love my Kindle 2; I couldn't give up the e-ink screen. (EDIT: Or the phenomenal battery life!)

I still haven't seen the "killer app" that would make me want a tablet. The Kindle Fire would be in the running if I wanted a portable media-consumption device, but I'm not sure I have any need for such a thing. Still, though, the "coolness factor" is terribly enticing...

rocket321 says:

You forgot the poll option of: I'm waiting for it to drop to $99

blackbyrd says:

Um hellz to the naw. Had a Nook color, sold it to get a reg Nook touch & bought a ASUS transformer. Why would I want this subpar piece of tech?

DWR_31 says:

Now didn't we and Amazon have a problem with AT&T not giving the option to sideload apps on their particular brands of Android devices???

OK, I have a, noooooob question!!!..

if you knew NOTHING about tablets like me but wanted to purchase one that you can read books, watch movies & play games on, what would you buy & why? I am looking to purchase a tablet but have NO IDEA what to get.. Need help please..

I bought the Asus Transformer for my husband. It has a beautiful screen, and an interesting feature that most tablets lack: you can add a keyboard to it and turn it into a mini Android laptop. It can even accept a mouse. Just look it up on Android Central: there are all kinds of posts about it. :)

Also, are there any tablets that take Dvd's or are they just downloadable?

jackbox says:

You need to add "I ordered one but canceled the order." I canceled due to the fact it has no external sd and the fact that Amazon is obfuscating what processor is being used and the speed it is clocked at.