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According to the folks at Strategy Analytics, market share for Android based tablets has risen to 41-percent of the total, or just shy of 25 million units. This growth means that double the number of Android-based tablets were sold compared to the same time last year, and market share has risen by 12-percent. This growth comes completely at the expense of iOS, whose market share has dropped from 65-pecent of the market to 56-percent. Tablets are clearly a two-horse race, at least for now.

But (there's always a but) a huge number of these tablets sold were from Amazon -- a fact overlooked by most analysts when determining these sort of numbers. In the tablet space, Amazon is a competitor to Google, not a vendor. Of course it's not surprising to see market share be divided up between the two three tablet giants, and fierce competition can only lead to better products. 

In the end, I don't care how many tablets any company sells. I only care that the one I'm buying (or have bought) is the best it can be.

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Android based tablets make huge gains in market share says Strategy Analytics


Competition is competition. That said, I bet most every Google worker would agree that they would rather see an Amazon tablet sold than an Apple tablet.


But amazon is not part of the android device alliance and is not supported by Google. They use android open source os, but they will not have access to google apps and help.

I see Android tablets around. People are buying them.
Plenty of 7 inchers. I actually seen Nexus 7's being used by people in the mall foodcourt, which is always a good place to judge this kind of thing.

And Australia doesn't have Amazon Fires. They aren't sold here.

iPads may still dominate, but it's not a monopoly.

That's a ton of growth and very quickly. At that rate of growth, Android tablet will surpass the iPad in sales sooner than many though. That is, if the Windows 8 tablets don't pick up well. It'll be interesting to see what happens. One thing is certain, though, Apple is not likely to stay dominant.

I use the crap out of my Xoom LTE, I still think it's a great device. Does everything I need it to do just fine. One thing I wish more people would do is make a speaker dock like how the Xoom has one, it really makes for a great alarm clock / bedroom radio.

I just sold my Transformer Prime + Keyboard today. Eyeing a Nexus 10 or a Nexus 4 and adding a contract free phone line.

I had heard so many times the Android 10" tablets are just so bad but I have no issues with them. Maybe they aren't quite as good as the iPads right now in overall quality tablet specific apps but I'm able to do everything I need just fine. I have a feeling the Nexus 10 can be a game changer for Android, if the price is right I'll be getting another tablet.

It is always amusing to see the same people who claim the Amazon Kindle line is barely Android use the Kindle sales numbers to inflate market share. Last I checked, if you take out Kindle numbers, Android tablet growth was only a middling improvement on flat line. Of course if you do as Google has done, sell plastic tablets at a loss, you will improve market share too. Granted, by that logic, the BlackBerry Playbook could have been a rousing market share success if RIM sold them at fire sale prices on release....

Kindles run plenty of Google Apps and Amazon sells Android Apps...I guess the question is does Google receive any cut from Kindle sales? Either way, it's a positive for Google. If you prefer a Kindle, you probably use an Android phone not an if the Kindle sales help Google with phone sales, it sounds like a positive thing.

Conversely, as an Android phone user...if I was going to buy a tablet I would be more likely to look at a Kindle or Nexus over an Ipad. I know the software.

I thought Google was all about ad clicks. Do they see none of that from Kindle Fires?

Android tablet share was going to come on strong eventually. There just needed to be good, lower-priced options. There weren't many of those for a while.