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If any of you are like me (or Alex), you like some of them Blizzard games. Be it World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, or the upcoming Diablo III, there's a account sitting somewhere with your whole game stash on it.

How can you protect your level 85 Night elf Mohawk from the thieving, grubby fingers of gold sellers and account hackers out there? Say hello to your new best friend, the Mobile Authenticator.

The Mobile Authenticator works just like their separate, keychain authenticator. You attach it to your account, plugging in both the special serial number and one of the time-sensitive codes the first time, then just the time-sensitive code every time after that.

If your code gets out of sync, you have the option to resync it to fix things up. New to this version is the ability to restore an account if say, you wipe your phone without removing the authenticator. I had this happen to me a number of times when flashing ROMs, and while the support people will do it, it requires pictures of your drivers license and other annoying procedures.

The best part of it all is that it's free and ad-free. If you're an avid Blizzard gamer and want an extra level of security on your account, I'd head straight to the Market for this one.

More pictures and download links are after the break. Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator Mobile Authenticator 


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Android App Review: Mobile Authenticator


My account was hacked and since I've used this app I haven't had any issues. Best app if you play blizzard games!!

One thing to note:

This app includes a widget that keeps your current code on the screen. I found the feature very useful, but it was a major major battery drain.

Oh and, on rooted phones, it will popup with a warning, but you can click through it and use the app like normal.

Rift has an App that does the exact same thing. It seems to be a new (and welcomed) trend for a 2 step authentication process given how popular these games are (and addictive) and how prone to hacking these accounts are.