EVO 3D Seidio Active Case

Accessories are always an important part of owning any Android device, and keeping it protected while on the go is something that many of us look for as a must have. Usually, we are the ones doing the reviews, but this time forums member ATC Buckeye decided to take matters into their own hands and let us know their thoughts on the Seidio Active Case for their HTC EVO 3D, along with a bunch of pictures of the fit on the device. 

"This case solves one of the biggest problems with the EVO 3D. Without a case, the camera pod sticks out beyond the back of the phone, just asking to get scratched or cracked. Well, this case is the fix. It surrounds the camera pod and extends beyond it just a tad, so setting the phone down on its back doesn't cause the cameras to come in contact with anything. The cameras aren't actually covered, but the fact that they are now recessed is exactly what I was hoping for. As far as the rest of the phone goes, I'm confident this case will protect nicely against bumps, drops, etc, although I've done none of those things yet to actually test its shock protection abilities."

For the full review, along with the rest of the pictures be sure to hop in the forums and check out what ATC Buckeye has to say. If you have any accessories that you are using daily that you love and want others to know about, be sure to leave some words in our forums with your thoughts!

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All I want is the HTC KICKSTAND CASE that is the prize that kickstand is crazy thick with the Chrome HTC logo it matches everything well.


Here's where you can find it bud. It's backordered though...

cj100570 says:

When the phone lies camera down, the lens doesn't actually touch the surface it's on as long as the surface is flat. The camera pod actually angles the phone up slightly. Now, if you lie your phone on rocks all bets are off. Lol. I like that case though. I'm using the OtterBox Impact Series on my E3D.

Gekko says:

i have this Seidio Active X case for my EVO 4G and it's the best case BAR NONE IMO. i hate cases but i LOVE this one. high quality, sleek, great design, good looking, durable, great protection, easy to slip in/out of pocket, great price. highly recommend.

Gator352 says:

Look folks! It's a red and black lint catcher!!

texagg01 says:

I also have this case for my EVO 4G and I haven't had any lint problems at all! I love this case and am glad to see it for the 3D. I'm on the fence about getting the phone. If I do, this'll be the case that I get.

Daedalus says:

I have this case in the Platinum Brand (made by seidio) and I love this thing on my 3VO I would swear by it.

crxssi says:

I don't like *any* case on my phone. I carry it in a padded belt holster. I don't want the extra bulk and weight.

xjcar says:

I saw this case on a sprint employees 3D but I went for the defender by otterbox.I love the rugged design and knowing that may EVO 3d is completely safefrom any harm. Still though, I would love a kickstand to watch my HBO GO and netflix.

Dmacman4u says:

The Defender's belt clip can be used as a kick-stand. It swivels around and then lock it open. My question is, how did you get Netflix on your phone?

gators42 says:

I can't get the bottom matte layer of my case for the HTC inspire. Its kinda bugging me. Otherwise the best case I've ever had