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4G LTE-capable global Galaxy S3 gets its first major update, and it's a big one

Over a year after its launch, the international Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (GT-i9305) has started receiving its first major software update, bringing it up to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. According to reports from SamMobile, the update brings the Galaxy S3 LTE up to firmware version I9305XXUEMKC, and is currently rolling out to unlocked German handsets. The S3 LTE, with an Exynos 4 Quad processor, 2GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity, launched in Europe in late 2012 where it was sold alongside the more common HSPA-only GT-i9300 model. Since then it's been running Android 4.1.2.

As with other Samsung Android 4.3 updates, the latest upgrade introduces Galaxy Gear smartwatch support, the ability to move certain apps to the SD card and enhancements to Samsung's TouchWiz UI, bringing it in line with newer phones like the Galaxy S4 . Samsung's KNOX enterprise security suite is reportedly not in this particular update, however.

As always, the update will roll out in stages based on region and carrier, so it'll probably take a few weeks to reach everyone.

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Android 4.3 update reportedly hitting international Galaxy S3 LTE


I don't think the update to this handset has anything to do with when the VZW model will get updated.

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One positive of the Galaxly Gear is that carriers might be more inclined to release updates to increase sales of the watch. I would normally doubt the S3 getting any US carrier 4.3 updates but this could change things.

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Be glad. This update has been pretty horrendous with quite a few issues and bugs, chief among them, wifi problems and battery drain.

From Kris Carlon, AndroidPIT 4 hours ago:

" Verizon is still the only carrier in the US that hasn't pushed the 4.3 pill on its Galaxy S3 customers. No one seems to know when it will come, or why it's been delayed for so long. Perhaps Verizon fired all its engineers after stepping up to the plate first on the S4 update and striking out. Meanwhile, on Monday, T-Mobile finally started the Android 4.3 rollout to owners of the LTE-equipped Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999L).

"Non-LTE S3's (SGH-T999) got the update a couple of weeks ago. Sprint, US Cellular, and AT&T customers have had the 4.3 update for a while now.

"International variant S3 owners (I9300) are almost universally rejoicing at the stability update that started rolling out a week ago in parts of Europe, with the vast majority of the original issues solved with only a few minor new ones taking their place. The LTE-enabled international S3 (I9305) is now also getting the update to a build number of I9305XXUEMKC."

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My Note 2 got the update this week; I'm in Hong Kong and carrier is 3 Mobile. Seems faster. Pleased.

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I own an international non-LTE version S3 (i9300). I am from India and whenever I go to the software update option I get the following message: "Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later".

If anyone knows what it means please help me out I've been wanting the update for a long time and I'm wondering whether it could make its way onto my phone soon. Thanks :)

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this simply means, ur device has update available, jus plug device to ue pc via cable n update through samsung kies...u cant do ny firmware update via wifi in india :(

I am from uk and own non lte s3 i9300. No update still for this phone and now they're giving it to lte users without even getting it to us first. Crap Samsung

Anyone (who's frustrated enough) try to force the 4.3 OTA update by going into Settings/Application Manager/All/Google Services Framework and tapping Force Stop + Clear Data before checking new update in Settings/About Phone/Software Update? Supposedly, it works (when there's an update out there) after repeated tries. Let us know (by S3 variant, carrier or unlocked, your location, and date) if you tried this and succeeded. May the farce be with you.

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FYI from Android Police on forcing updates...

Google Engineer Dan Morrill Sheds Some Light On The Nexus OTA Process, Urges You To Never Clear Google Service Framework Data

Published on November 20th, 2013
Written by: David Ruddock

"The Android 4.4 update, aka KitKat, still has yet to roll out to a large number of Nexus device owners out there. And, in desperation, some users are resorting to methods they probably don't fully understand in order to get the OTA, one of which is clearing the Google Service Framework data. This method isn't new, but it's one whose side effects are not generally considered by those who use it, at least according to Google engineer Dan Morrill.

In a reddit thread on the subject, Morrill states, essentially, that clearing the framework data is going to break stuff. Specifically, any apps relying on GCM functionality (Google Cloud Messenger) for things like push updates may freak out, stop sending notifications, or engage in other odd / less than useful behavior. Specifically, he says the following about clearing the Google Service Framework:

Doing this changes the primary ID by which Google knows your device. As far as the servers are concerned, the device was basically factory reset. There are many downstream effects of this, but a big one is that this invalidates the tokens used by any app that uses GCM (which is nearly all the Google apps, and a ton of third-party apps.)

How apps react to GCM IDs changing varies by app. With Play Store you have to log out and log back in, I think Gmail usually handles it transparently eventually but won't get new mail notifications for a while, etc. Some apps you may have to clear data on to recover. All apps will simply stop getting GCM push-messages, until they get a new GCM ID; some do this frequently, others rarely, and some apps use the GCM ID as an ID on their own servers (as it is opaque and basically random), so other things besides push messages may not work.

Nothing bursts into flames, but it makes a ton of nuisances on the device, including some that can look pretty mysterious. Your mileage will vary depending on what apps you use.

All of this can be avoided by just doing an 'adb sideload' if you are impatient.

No, it's not the end of the world, but it's the kind of thing that you'd probably end up factory resetting just to solve, and that sort of defeats the purpose of a no-wipe update, doesn't it? Instead, Morrill asks that eager power users utilize the adb sideload command to flash the update manually and avoid all this potential messiness.

In a separate thread, Morrill discusses the Nexus OTA rollout process, and why during the first day or two of the update's release only a very small portion of phones are selected to receive it.
Rollouts are conducted in phases. Typically they start at 1% of devices for around 24 - 48 hours; we watch the return rates and resulting device checkins and error reports (if any), and make sure nothing looks wrong before sending it to more. Then typically it goes to 25%, 50%, 100% over the course of a week or two.

What the percentages mean is that when your device checks in, it has a 1% chance (for example) of being offered the OTA. If it doesn't (randomly) get an offer, it will never get an offer until the next batch.

IOW, once your device checks in and gets turned down, that's it until the next batch. Mashing on the "check for updates" button just causes your device to check in again, and get automatically turned down again. Think about how that makes your device feel! WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE PHONES?!

That said, once the new batch does start, hitting that button does give you a new roll of the dice -- but once. Since devices usually only check in for system updates every 24 hours (I think? Certainly on a many-hours basis) this can get you your shot sooner than it would happen on its own.

So, mash away. :) Just be patient, and mashing on it more often than once or twice a day isn't going to gain you anything.

Edit: also, keep in mind that this isn't first-come/first-served. You're not racing other devices to get your slot in the current batch, or something.

So, tapping furiously at your check update button actually does absolutely nothing in any practical sense, though I suspect most of us were already intuitively aware of that fact. The batch system for rollouts is basically what you'd imagine, too - as the days go on, the group receiving the update grows, until eventually it is available to all devices.

This isn't exactly earth-shattering information, but it's good knowledge to have, I suppose."

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Fuck you android and samsung.. India is one of the best samsung users more than apple or htc, i'm tired of waiting 4.3 cos 4.1 sucks my phone since i updated.. my phone is super duper slow since one year, this is my last samsung/android phone i'm gonna use...

I recieved an uodate through kies which took around 5 hrs at a 45-50KB oer second download speed.but the phone is still running on the same 4.1.2 JB. Got any solutions? . I live in gujarat, india.

Samsung/Android in India are big because of budget Android phones and budget phones, otherwise the sales of iPhone in India are easily higher than the Galaxy S3 in India.

Just relax man, blame your countries telecom companies rather than Samsung or the Android platform.

Some carriers in the US didn't even have it for a week ago, Verizon, the largest carrier still doesn't have it.

I don't think the Verizon gs3 will ever see 4.3 I think we are stuck on 4.1.2

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VZW Should skip 4.3 and go straight to 4.4 FTW! :)
I think we will be lucky if we see the OTA by end of Jan for 4.3. Knowing VZW's record on OTA's is usually "Always Last In Line". I guess we will see allot more bloat when this OTA hits :(

Given the list of bugs with the first release of 4.3--battery drainage, network issues, screen freeze ups--and the lukewarm responses of Google and Samsung, I'd prefer that Verizon pass over Jelly Bean 4.3 in favor of KitKat 4.4. That would be worth waiting for, in my opinion.

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Only another year of waiting for a Verizon Galaxy S3 update then if they skip over 4.3... Oh yay! Wait... By then the L flavored OS will be out.... How about Verizon step it up and get a OS update out in time like every single other small medium and large carrier has been able to with such a popular "flagship" phone. We already had to wait for 4.2 and then it was skipped over for 4.3, so they better make it happen.

We need to stop letting Verizon off the hook and candy coating their slow updates and making it OK for them to release it.... Whenever they make it stable and bug free, no update is bug free and rock solid without hiccups. Verizon should be held accountable for updates if other carriers are releasing updates for the same phone that Verizon carries. Phones only get supported for so long, if we keep making it OK for them to not release a update because it's not working well and just work on a new version of Android, well there's another few months of waiting for a build, then testing for Verizon... Another month (assuming it's a super solid build with minimal bugs)..... By then half a year passes and we are pushing well past 18 month and 24 month support territory and before you know it "sorry, we were working on updating your phone but 24 months has passed and the galaxy s5 is out and we no longer will support the gs3 at all" while the other large carriers and small nobody carriers all got 4.3 and bug fixes during us waiting for Verizon to just go and work on a new 4.4 kitkat build instead.

Pretty soon, it'll just be OK to buy a new smartphone and maybe get one update from your carrier before your 2 years is up because there were bugs along the way and the skin they use isn't playing nice with Android, etc. Well guess what, every other single carrier has managed to make it work and they release timely patches along the way if there end up being more problems. People should not buy a smartphone that operates in a similar fashion to a computer if they expect it to be perfect and always working super amazing. Go buy a feature phone for that with a non complex simplistic OS.

I don't like this new s3 update... My battery dies fast N it takes forever to charge since I did the update... Can anyone help?

i am from mumbai, india.................s3 user from last year ...u kw wt samsung u suck ..i am waiting for ua fucking 4.3 update from last 50 days.....thats the reason people say iphone is the best bcoz they get once in a year but on time...they keep their words what they say ...and samsung u just suck fuck off