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Samsung continues to push ahead with Android OS upgrades for its leading smartphones, and the latest leaked build to emerge demonstrates Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on the international Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100). The leaked firmware comes via Vietnamese site, and as you might expect, it looks a whole lot like Android 4.1.1 running on the Galaxy Note 2. The only difference we've been able to spot from the screenshots provided is a notification icon for the multi-window feature.

The leaked build carries the number XXDLJ2 , which according to Samsung's naming scheme indicates something built during October. Earlier leaks have hinted at a possible Android 4.1.2 upgrade for the international Galaxy S3 in December, so we'll have to wait and see if this holds true for its big brother, too.

Source:; via: SamMobile

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Magnus#AC says:

That's great, whereas on Tmobile, we still don't have multi viewing enabled yet. Get with it Tmobile

bleached says:

Where is 4.1.2 for the Toro+! I sure hope the GS3 doesn't beat us, although Toro+ may skip 4.1.2 and go to 4.2 directly.

MrLadoodle says:

Toro is fake.

Marc Holmes says:


I received this update OTA last week.

chazglenn3 says:

My Sprint Galaxy Note II running LJC has the Multi-Window toggle in the notification area and is running 4.1.1