... But damned if it isn't cool to see the original Android phone from late 2008 getting some custom Jelly Bean love. Yes, it's slow (sloooow), unstable, and the hardware's prehistoric, but it's Jelly Bean -- based on a port of CyanogenMod 10 -- and it's running on the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream). See the full preview video from the developers above, or check the forum thread linked below if you fancy firing up your G1 for old time's sake and flashing this custom ROM.

Source: XDA

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Marky310 says:

And this is why I love Android. Not the (badass) phones, or the flashy HD screens, but the people who use them. Inventive people who set out to do well, whatever they want, with their Android phones. Because THATS THE POINT!

Apaca1ypse says:

Time to pull out the ol G1!!!

Jowlah says:

I am astonished! To get Jelly Bean working on that dinosaur of a phone? I salute you, Android soldiers!

Oskiee says:

To bad both my batteries for my G1's blew up. I would soooo be down for trying to get JB on it.

joshua.worth says:

Very nice Android is sweet

one80oneday says:

I can't believe it's not butter

mmaria452 says:

Wow.. I have to give huge props when it's deserved and XDA dev. Yahoo truly rock.. I'm taking my g1 out and going to practice on it. THNX GUYZ

captobie says:

OMG, that phone has rounded corners. I'm shocked Apple never sued HTC for patent infringement!

n0obpr0 says:

I saw a dinosaur!

Johnbibbs says:

Brings back memories. I loved my G1.

mao mao says:

I loved my G1 too! My first smart phone, and I've been a die hard android fan ever since.

hectord27 says:

Did we really have to listen to "What is Love" by Haddaway


skyboxer says:

This is akin to grandpa playing Xbox call of duty to remember the glory days.