We knew this one was coming since the AOSP sources were pushed, and Jean-Baptiste Queru again made it official on the Android Building mailing list.  The Linux kernel sources for the Crespo (Samsung Nexus S), the Stingray (Motorola Xoom), and the Tuna (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) are now in the AOSP manifest, with a handy set of links to sync just the sources for those not interested in the full Android source.

While Android controls the look, feel and features of a device, the kernel controls the mind.  It's where some serious (and seriously cool) work can be done, and Android is full of the right kind of geek to do them.  If you're any sort of hacker or flashaholic, and use a GNex, Xoom, or Nexus S, you're in luck. 

Source: Android Building


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Android 4.0.3 kernel sources pushed


This is why it's so cool to have a get the pure source kernels/system images quickly and easily. No waiting for leaks and hacked ports and all other kinds of nonsense. This is the way it is supposed to be in the Android world. I may not own another skinned phone for the rest of my life if there are any Nexus phones available.

I agree with you my friend. Its been a long time since owning my Nexus One and I have been waiting for a pure Google Android experience device on Verizon and their second to none LTE network. I'm so tired of OEM skins and I really find myself rooting on this device so Verizon will consider bringing future Nexii devices to their network. This was the reason I've waited for the GNex for so long and it is the full reason I purchased/kept the Motorola Xoom since launch. It is still the best Android tablet (until the ASUS Prime that is) and the full reason is that it is basically a Nexus tablet. It is good to see that both of my beloved devices are being pushed by Google and I was very happy to see the Nexus S update so fast and really hope to see the Xoom update follow.

I don't see myself buying another skinned Android device I am so burned out with slow updates, crippling bugs, and skinned trash as it is bringing Android down in my eyes. Google sees this and knows they had to bring a new look to Android and a great device that will have a long shelf life. I really don't care about the specs as we are finally to the point that PC's met when they got dual core processors. Everything above is great (I know I have much more in my brand new Macbook Pro), but Vanilla ICS on this Nexus device is sure to run better than bloated up and skinned Samsung, HTC, and def Moto devices that are sure to flood the market in 2012.

I can't begin to tell you how much I'm loving seeing a monster 4.65 inch 1280x720 Super AMOLED screen (first one), 1.2 dual core w/ PowerVR GPU, 1GB RAM, NFC, and esp Android 4.0 ICS. I will be very satisfied and content with this device until another Nexus device hits the market (and on Verizon LTE) and if this doesn't happen I will be looking toward to WP7 as software trumps specs any day.

I love pure vanilla Android but I went to SGS2 simply since I wanted phone with bit better camera. I really hope next generation of Nexuses has better camera to compliment great phone otherwise.

Go play with your proprietary toy phone kid, us big boys are playing with our computers. /troll

(Actually to each their own, they're all great little devices and I'm not insecure enough to need to bash other phones on the interwebs)

Well you just showed that your just ranting randomly... (tbh, I just dislike you ppl who concider trolling hobby). I have dropped SGS2 and SGS1 before quite a few times and they take drops better than most phones.