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The word on the street -- and straight from the horse's mouth -- this morning is that those nice folk at Sony Mobile are rolling out the Android 4.0 update to their recently released flagship device, the Xperia S. The update, in addition to being Ice Cream Sandwich, also brings some additional tweaks to the Walkman, Movies, and Album features on the device.

Of course this will be most welcomed by existing Xperia S owners but it may also give sales a boost. While many consumers do not know the difference between the different versions of Android, some will and this may well influence them when purchasing a new device.

Sony promised the update to Ice Cream Sandwich when the device was announced and they have stayed true to their word. It seems that gone are they days of Sony (or what was Ericsson) failing to keep up to date with software versions.

Good on ya, Sony. Check out the full feature video after the break.

Source: Sony

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Dovahkiin says:

Sony beat out Moto, HTC, and LG, and Sammy on an ICS upgrade? Credit where it's due.

G_The_One says:

I don't think Sony (or any other OEM) who release a device running GB well after the launch of ICS should get a lot of credit for eventually getting round to releasing an already overdue update!

Dovahkiin says:

You're right. They were still first place though, so I guess that's worth something right?

Saneless says:

HTC is turning into the worst android manufacturer. First they ruin the OS, then they don't update it, then phones with the updated version don't even work right.

Taz89 says:

gs2 in europe started getting ics from march

icebike says:

Of course using this update could be the end of your wifi connectivity.