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When the Android 3.1 update was announced for the 3G enabled Motorola Xoom, some WiFi only Xoom owners were a little upset at having to wait, even if only a little bit. However, some actually received the update that day despite Motorola stating it would be happening in the coming weeks. And now, Motorola has announced that the Android 3.1 update is slowly being rolled out in phases. If you already received it -- awesome (and snag the manual download location)! If not, sit tight and take satisfaction in knowing it's coming sooner rather than later.

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moosc says:

just bought a wiFi xoom so its still a virgin do u need to be rooted and unlocked to manually apply update? and where do I get the file to dl instead of waiting?

atomjack#AC says:

XDA devs already have rooted 3.1 update working for the WiFi version:

moosc says:

but doesnt the xoom need to be unlocked to do that? I'm 1200miles from my xoom and I have to conference call my friend to updated I'm to impatience to wait till I get home in 8days

DJFreddyO says:

OH COME ON!!! Still waiting on my Verizon 3G update! WTF!!!!

gerdon4uva says:

im on vzw xoom stock, I never activated w verizon but still no 3.1? Do other vzw xooms already have this? By reading this article it sounds like vzw xooms already have lost!

nory826 says:

i have a verizon 3g xoom too, still nothing.I do have it activated with verizon. So I hope it comes soon...

Still waiting for my update on my VZW XOOM.

download location does you no good unless you are rooted Chris.

jediman says:

Meh, already rooted this bad boy and applied 3.1
Still sorely disappointed that there isn't any native SD card support yet...Moto is lame just for that.

hybrid06339 says:

I wonder how Moto/VZW order their OTAs. Mine's a 3G unit but no update yet.

gonecks1 says:

3g unit here still no update

mao mao says:

i just got my xoom today, its wifi + 3g, but I'm not going to activate it with verizon. I guess i'll probably have to wait for manual download link right?

mackdoober says:

Another 3g Xoom here with no update. Bought mine on release day too. Hmmmm...

DocJ#WN says:

Yup same here... 3G Xoom still with no update. What gives?

3G Xoom with no update here either. What's the deal? Any thoughts?

gerdon4uva says:

I am actually a Rep for vzw and that just goes to tell you, they don't tell us crap! Its crazy people go more insane over andriid than nuclear war :0D
I think this is a great example of how big red shows off their teeth, they never respond when it comes down to phones...
Thunderbolt, release fail...Charge,who the f knows, fail...the Merge, released yesterday no one can order it, fail....Xoom, not finished, big fail....'re killin my pride :0(

rgohn says:

Got my WIFI update this morning when I got to work. Crossing figures that this one will be worth it. Live from the Bayous in Louisiana.

gonecks1 says:

'Your system is up to date. Last checked for updates at 7:19pm" I beg to differ. Still waiting in Chicago.

Just got mine at 12.45am Saturday morning in Central New Jersey

ccazz82 says:

I just changed my xoom's date to 05/16 and then the update was pushed thru....installing now. Location Brooklyn

mymitsu3kgt says:

I got my update on my wifi Zoom on 5/13/11 in RI!

Got my update this morning.... sent OTA on my WIFI here at Eagle Mountain Lake Texas.

Wookie Claws says:

Got my update on Friday night (Wifi version)... some nice little changes. Still looking forward to SD card support (not that I need it really with 32GB of storage!)