Whoa! Here we go, this is what we were wanting to see. The Android Developers YouTube account just went live with an Android 3.0 preview video -- and then quickly took that sucker down. That's alright though, you'll find the embedded video after the break to drool over. Sadly, it looks like the rumors of it being tablet only were accurate. [Engadget]


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Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" video preview posted by Google


Hey Google...slow down!

Only (1) Android device currently has Gingerbread & they are already previewing Honeycomb? Unless Honeycomb is strictly a tablet only version of the Android OS, I just don't understand why they are moving this fast

It looks as though it is only for Tablets and not smartphones at all. "Built entirely for Tablets"

They've got to get TABLET ANDROID to market as soon as possible. iPad is gearing up for version 2 and Google is nearly a year behind the gun. Jobso has nearly 100% market share in the tablet space.

Honeycomb is designed to be a tablet centric of android, so no worries. Go Google! Kick apple right in the pad!

I'm actually glad to see them moving this fast. I'm a new comer to Android and I came from BlackBerry and do we need to really bring up the pace RIM works at? LMAO


hey google! dont slow down!

listen bud just because this technology is not up to date with your current level dosnt mean you haver to bash about the fact that there already releasing these things, or demoing them. so be quiet and before you speak think what your saying because you should be thanfull that they are not like RIM that release O.S every ONCE in a while. -.- #yourstupid.

Because if this isn't a tablet only OS (Rubin said it wasn't at all things D), people with that one device can repo sync and have it. Open source, gotta love it.
So what will 3.0 for phones be called? Will they get a slimmed down version of Honeycomb or will there be like a 3.1 for smartphones? Kind of like with the iPad and other iThings.

Exactly what I was wondering.

Is this the point where we split the OS into two, (Android for phones, Chrome (or something) for Tabs?) Are they going to run two versions going forward?

There is no reason the phone portions of the OS need to dominate, after all hardly any smartphone users use the device predominantly as a phone. So they could hang a phone module into Honeycomb with ease.

But is that the right way to go?

Apple does this with IOS but that's just because their in-house developer pool is so small and inbred they can't imagine any other solution.

We will probably see "Ice cream" at google IO and it will probably be a UI kind of like this for phones.

I'm hoping the Google branded tab IS an HTC tab, and thinking that is why Google went with samsung for the Nexus S, because HTC was already deep into the tab.

Not sure if I like having split development paths, but maybe I'm over-thinking it. This does put me into the market for a nice tablet, though.

I was thinking the same thing. If HTC puts out a nice tablet with good specs and a good price, then I might think of picking one up. This video looks great.

Android 3 will be on phone. Rubin said it himself.While demoing motorola's tab He went into how they've spent alot of time figuring out how to get tablet's multiple panels to work on phones. How it will slide over to the next panel and what not.

Don't call him an idiot, it isn't his fault samsung and sprint are the worst combination of things for updates. Samsung has broken update promises in the past and so has sprint. Samsung mobile posted that they are getting very close to a simple but update for sprint epics.

I wouldn't blame Sprint... seems they had no problems putting out one of the best Android phones ever (Evo) and making it one of the first to get 2.1 (out the door) and 2.2 (first carrier to have it).

How is it Sprint's fault when none of the Galaxy S phones have Froyo yet? Samsung is the one that promised the update by the end of 2010.

And Sprint has never broken their promise. They just straight up told Samsung Moment and Hero users too bad no Froyo for you.

Looks very promising. I'm anxious to see it in greater detail. I'm hoping that we see some higher end tablets wuth wifi only. I would like to own something like the new Motorola tablet but I won't be giving Verizon any more money every month for the privlidge.

Uggg thats ugly....hope thats very early alpha version being shown. It looks like everything is thrown together in one window like Windows 7 Control Panel. Just one large panel with icons, looks poor to me.

So what of the UI refresh and hardware acceleration for android phones that was so vaunted a while back? Gingerbread does none of that. Was it just stupid rumors or half truth?

The Galaxy Tab will never get Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Honeycomb requires a duel core processor which the Galaxy Tab does not have.

I always wondered why Google told Samsung to not build a tablet just yet...

Whatever happened to Google Chrome? Is it just a web browser? I was under the impression that Chrome would be their tablet OS...

Whatever happened to Google Chrome? Is it just a web browser? I was under the impression that Chrome would be their tablet OS...