Android 2.2 Froyo for Verizon Fascinate now being pushed

Remember how we told you all that Verizon would finally be pushing out Froyo for the Samsung Fascinate? Of course you do -- you've only been waiting forever for it to go from vaporware to reality. Now is the time folks. If you're looking to get some real official Froyo goodness on your Fascinate you can start checking for system updates. Hopefully, you'll be among those who are already seeing the update available. if you have any issues, be sure to hop on in the Verizon Fascinate forums so we can get you fixed up.  [Android Central Forums]


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Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Verizon Samsung Fascinate now available


I got this update around 6:30pm central time. I just randomly checked for it not expecting much. Well, it was there. Any who after the download I kept getting forecloses and process gapps errors. I had no choice but to do a factory reset. No biggie. Now my phone is running like a BEAST and is BLAZING fast. I dont just mean scrolling i mean when opening the gallery and other apps that need to populate. Blown away and Very impressed. Digging the new black notification bar. Google Search app and widget is...wait for it....PREINSTALLED! Touchwiz still blows but I never used it anyway. LauncherPro FTW! And since Federico just updated LP it is running flawless along with Froyo on my Sammy. Oh happy day!

BTW I just stumbled upon this non rooted screenshot app and it works on Fascinate. It's called Screen Capture Shortcut. Enjoy.

Anyone having trouble with the camera apparently it keeps telling me please wait I'll wait and it doesnt do anything please help I'm new at this

OK, I'm waiting for this but before I dive in and update to Froyo I'm concerned about needing to do a factory reset. If I do that will I lose all my data? If so, what do you suggest to backup my kdata before updating to Froyo. VZW should have my contacts backed up but I'm concerned about data in my apps such as OnePunch Notes. And will I lose my downloaded apps?

No I did not have to do a reset. I went into the settings > about phone > system updates > check new. It searched and said a new update was available and clicked ok to start the download. It took a while to download and update, about 15 minutes. But I did not have to reset my phone. Since I use LP, I did have to re-do all my widgets I had on my screen. If you use LP, I would suggest going back to Touchwiz and then removing all the widgets that appeared after the update. Lots showed up.

My brother just started the download. It shuts off wi-fi for the download process. There is a message making users agree to this before it starts. If you choose yes then turn on wi-fi once it begins, it will create an error and you must restart. Lol.

It's running great on my phone. I'm having problems with WiFi though, it says it's connected to my wireless but doesn't work. Anyone else having WiFi problems?

No update here yet. How long do i have to wait? All i keep getting is no new software update available. Anyone else still having to wait?

I'm having terrible problems with my Bluetooth Sync system in my car after "upgrading" to Froyo. It cuts out the call after about 20 seconds and goes back to the phone. I have never head this problem before Froyo and have seen it posted in other forums. May just go back to 2.1

LOl I see im not the only one who randomly discovered my update too.I discovered it yesterday at around 6:30 EDT. It took about like 15-20 minutes and once it was downloaded and all that good stuff. It did run slow because I guess it was settling in but now it is so fast and it looks like a whole new phone ! Google is included. My media sync issue was fixed ! :D But it broke my camera though..