Rumor alert! Rumor alert! Looks like an Android user has ported Android 2.1 to the device nearest and dearest to our hearts, the T-Mobile G1. Now we don't doubt that the T-Mobile G1, easily the most customizable Android device available, can get the 2.1 update but our impatience just wants us to see it for real, for real. Video will do but downloadable form is even better.

Since we've already seen the T-Mobile G1 rock Android 2.0 on video, having Android 2.1 ported onto it isn't that much of a stretch. Word was the T-Mobile G1 was actually supposed to receive the official 2.x update but word is quite quiet around the Google/T-Mobile/Android side of things, guess they're all focused on bigger and better things..

[redmondpie via gizmodo]


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Android 2.1 Ported To T-Mobile G1 ?


what is the time frame we are looking at I have 4 G1 at home (family plan) or do we know a date.

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