See? What did we tell you ... We quickly saw the boot animation stripped off the Nexus One along with the wallpaper and ringtones, and now its Android 2.1 operating system has been ported over to the Motorola Droid. Again, no great surprise there. Of course, being on the bleeding edge comes with its downsides, which often read like pharmaceutical side-effects.

Flan on the Motorola DroidCase in point:

1) Keyboard backlight is no longer functioning properly. The only way to get the keyboard to turn back on is to use the Power widget and toggle the brightness. This is a one-time fix and needs to be done repeatedly.

2) Superuser and the su binary for local root and escalated privileges no longer works (even if pushed to the device). If you drop to a terminal and execute “su” it seems like it wants to do something and then ultimately gives a “permission denied.”

3) Landscape mode app drawer acts weird. The little “home” icon on the screen is off-centered and when pressed launches the Camera application.

4) The Messaging app still notifies you of Messages even when it’s set not to.

5) The carrier shows up as T-CDMA 64

6) General, non-repeatable inconsistencies with the home screens. Issues like no longer being able to swipe to change home screens, or not being able to launch apps from the home screen.

Yikes. That's quite the list. But, obviously, if you take the time to hack one OS onto another phone, this comes with the territory. They're used to it. We're used to it. But at the end of the day, when you're the only kid on your block rocking Android 2.1, these things can seem a bit trivial. [; image via Engadget]


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Android 2.1 ported to the Motorola Droid


It seems that all other android cell phones that have landed in verizon and other carriers except Tmobile have had good updates like 2.0 or 2.1,what happens to us 1.6 like the MyTouch we are left in the dark that sucks..I paid $400 for a phone that its going to keep me at 1.6 and never have the upgrade that we deserve for us first real android users.. I don't feel like buying another $400..I already used my upgrade from my their any hope???

That's not true. So far, the only phone that has Android 2.0.1 is the Droid. The Droid doesn't have 2.1 yet. They hacked it from a phone that hasn't been released to the public yet (Nexus One). The Nexus One is rumored to be heading to T-Mobile so far. No other phone has gotten an Android 2.0 update yet either. the Droid Eris (on Verizon too) is still running Android 1.5 even. Both of Sprint's Android phones (Hero and Moment) are running 1.5, and all of T-Mobile's Android phones are running 1.5 except the MT3G and the G1. Those are the only two phones that even got the 1.6 update because they are stock Android phones and T-Mo has been great at getting out updates over the air once they are available. Android 2.0 is supposed to be going out to other phones in early 2010, and that is most likely when the MT3G and maybe the G1 will get it. There is probably an agreement between Verizon and Google not to release 2.0 to other phones before the end of the year so Verizon can sell more Droids. That's the most likely reason we haven't seen any other phones with 2.0 yet.

I understand your anger about not getting the updates with tmobile. I would have been a android user when the g1 came out but tmobile's service area is very limited and even though I live in a big city they had no service. I had no choice but to wait until verizon adopted android and I am getting what I paid for. Not getting timely updates is the #1 problem you will face with tmobile... look at it this way you are paying a hell of a lot cheaper each month to use your phone with tmobile but that seems to be the only advantage you will see for a while :(

a couple of posts down in a specific forum or here on the comments section? Sorry I'm not seeing where they are available to download..


Any word on Google fixing the Exchange support? Android 2.0 does not natively support Exchange provisioning like remote wipe and pin locking. Touchdown may do it all, but it a 3rd party app and my Exchange admin will not allow it.