Android 2.1 on the Verizon Droid Eris

For all of you Verizon Droid Eris fans out there chomping at the bit for Android 2.1 and the new HTC Sense to be released for your phone, know that it's not far off. A build was leaked on XDA Developers (normally a home for GSM devices, but always friendly to HTC hackery) and subsequently deemed to appear to be genuine, albeit corrupt. But that never stopped anybody at XDA, and just a few hours later a build was foisted onto Big Red's other Droid device. Want to try it yourself? Follow these instructions.

Next question is when will an official update become available? We're waiting for video to pop up anytime now, as this single picture likely won't convince some of you. But the chatter seems legit. Check it out for yourself. [XDA Developers] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: A reliable source tells us this update is likely to be officially released within the next couple of weeks or so.


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Android 2.1 leaked for Droid Eris, appears to be the real McCoy [updated]


so we'll see it in a couple months at least? we have yet to receive the officially announced 2.1 for Droid, much less the unannounced Eris one anytime soon.

Did the update tonight and its flawless! My Eris runs faster, has more features, and is just all around better! The new sense is slick

I was just at Verizon yesterday. I know you can't take everything that reps say as truth but I was told that the Eris software update to 2.1 will be coming on the 26th of March.

I got that the first two times I tried it also. The problem, for me, was that it wasn't the exact file name - I downloaded the file twice, and the second ended -01. As soon as I deleted that, worked like a charm. Although I am having problems syncing facebook and programming my phone.

anyone getting the message that the zipped folder is corrupt? when I load it onto phone is shows a screen with a triangle that has a ! in it with the eris laying down next to it. that is not normal i assume right?

just did it and it works perfectly! and it was really easy...just wondering how do i undo this for when the real update comes out?

What is this sense of entitlement coming from Moto Droid users?

VZ didn't release the software, someone from HTC did. It would be like someone from Moto releasing their version-- but they didn't.

I have an eris, am waiting for the official OTA from VZ because I'll likely brick my phone. But having used the Moto Droid, and I still think the Eris is sooo much better. Just my opinion.

just got it working and everything was easy to set up I somehow trying to upload new update the wrong way. Works perfectly and noticably faster than before.

This has been ported to the Sprint (and maybe Cell South) Hero..check our hacking forums.

The live weather is to die for, and I'm not one for eye candy.

This is bb all over again. Just leaked and hybrid OS while VZW sits on there buts. Thanks VZW

I was just like you...I had the Storm 1 and switched to the Eris on tuesday. I am going to have the eris for a few weeks in hope that N1 will still be coming out by March 23rd so I can get the beefed up android phone.

i dont know about alot of people but im haven problems with this facebook dont work right and i cant uninstall it ,,everytime i try and click on a notification it just takes me back to me wall , and i cant comment on anything cuz ,, it takes me to my home screen ,, also ,, i noticed when it is updating,, it says cant find image or bad image 3 times then it installs ,, i wonder if this is the issue , i wish i didnt do the update i didnt have these troubles b4

While this is the real deal, this cannot be the version Verizon pushes out. There are bugs!

After installing, SMS is very flakey. I've never had an SMS fail until I installed this update. I'd say 60% are reporting failed, but people are receiving them. Also, Navigation is completely broken. If you are moving and trying to calculate a new route, Navigation freezes and force quits. Navigation is one of the biggest draws to Android 2.0+, yet it doesn't work in this update.

Otherwise, it's great to have 2.1 and finally be able to access certain apps in the Market.

I've been using 2.1 on my Eris since it was leaked, and I'm not seeing any of these problems that people are talking about. I have had better battery life, faster boot-ups, faster app load times, and an overall system performance boost. The screen has the same responsiveness that it had before the update, and also there is no longer any keyboard lag while I'm typing. It keeps up with every keystroke now. To me, that in itself made the update worthwhile. Well, that's my two cents. Just to lets folks know my experience with the leak. I love it. Oh yea, by the way. Once you flash it there's no going back. But then again, some would say. Why would you want to? (The only downfall)

Yes I was wondering if anyone else's Navigation was not working. Everytime I try to type a destination in it force closes... and I can't get the maps update.. Everything else about the update works well though