Android 2.0.1 update for Verizon Droid

Looks like the Android 2.0.1 update is starting to roll out for the Verizon Droid, with word coming fast and furious from our fourms, BGR and Twitter. This one's mandatory, and you're going to want it. Here are the bullet points of what's coming in the ESD56 update:

  • Improved OS stability.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Camera's autofocus is improved, time between shots is reduced.
  • Three-way calling enhancements.
  • Incoming call quality is improved.
  • Speakerphone remains on when call waiting kicks in.
  • Better Bluetooth, background echo eliminated, improved phone book transfer of contacts to in-vehicle systems.
  • GPS icon will disappear after a GPS app is closed.
  • SMS and MMS messages can be received after an EMS message is received.
  • SMS and MMS can now go to seven-digit addresses.
  • Google contact merging supports seven-digit numbers.
  • Visual Voice Mail notices arrive instantly.
  • Corporate calendar widget is updated.

More information about the update, including full instructions, at

You patient types should be able to sit back and let the update come to you. As for the rest of us, go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates and see if it's available. And sound off in in the comments once you get it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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andy says:

Any rumors of it coming to Rogers for the LG Eve GW620? It's still on 1.5.

Anne Noise says:

My Eris wants it too! I'm so impatient!

Brian says:

still waiting "patiently", in st. louis, mo, for it!

ardoreal says:

In Colorado, no update available yet.

Anonymous says:

In NYC and nothing yet

Anonymous says:


ChevyStorm88 says:

Nothing yet in MI...

Anonymous says:

Nothing in NM yet.

Anonymous says:

Brian do u like the droid? I'm switching to verizon most likely cuz I'm turning 18 nxt week and I'm in the lou, what do u think? I'm coming from a G1 on tmobile and b4 that a iPhone

Anonymous says:

Nothing yet in the USA.

Our man Jeremy Sikora got his. I'm still waiting.

Anonymous says:

Nothing in PA yet...

Anonymous says:

Nothing in NE yet...

Anonymous says:

Nothing in northeast ohio yet....

hlafian says:

nothing in Los Angeles either...

reSpecMe says:

nothing from dallas tx

LAADB says:

nothing in HI either.

see_me20 says:

Nothing in Alabama but the instructions are on Verizon's website

Got it in Wisconsin, oh wait nevermind nothing.......

Got it in Wisconsin, oh wait nevermind nothing.......

Anonymous says:

Nothing in NC

I just got my update on my phone. Made a video for everyone who is interested in seeing what i looks like . BTW It is much faster
Whats strange is that I have not received the update on my other phone. I wonder how they are doing to updates

tealturboser says:

They are being smart about it, not doing mass upgrades to kill servers sounds like a good idea

Dan says:

Nothing in N.E. Pa. yet

Nothing in Upstate, NY yet

Tim says:

Nothing in CT

EDMvr6#AC says:

Man im waiting!! NY baby!

Just received update on my phone in Tampa, FL.

ulken says:

hmmm nothing yet in california. still says i'm up to date.

Tim says:

Nothing at 10:42pm last night in CT but as of 7am this morning I got it. Install took less than 5 minutes. The unlock feature is now a horizontal slide as opposed to the arc. Only thing I tested so far is the camera, indoors, since that seems to be the most common source of complaint. The pictures are definitely clearer and the delay between taking pictures is much shorter. Very happy with the upgrade. Weird thing is that only my phone got the upgrade so far....still waiting for my wife's.

slayerbash says:

Nothing yet in San Antonio TX - Damn this is taking long :(

Bethany says:

Nothing in ME either =(

Anonymous says:

Got it in CO!

I received my 2.0.1 update last night (12/10) via OTA. I got a notification pop-up at around 12:15am informing me it was available and prompting for permission to install.

The only obvious UI change was that the slide to unlock is now a line instead a curve. The system definitely seems snappier now.

ZeppelinJ0 says:

Got mine at the asscrack of dawn this morning on my Droid! I have to say, it's 100x faster and more responsive and I'm really excited about this update. This is how Droid should have been released

lonndoggie says:

I got mine last night, 12/09, at about 11PM Pacific. Which is sooner than I thought it'd be--I was expecting it tonight at the earliest. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! Other than a few obvious visual changes, haven't dug deep enough to see any substantive differences.

mek_man says:

Got it in the OC yesterday at 5pm! =)

Not much of a difference in performance for me..
changed the unlock screen..

Anonymous says:

MT showed up around 5am 12/11

Anonymous says:

Not in MT yet... 12/10 17:15

Anonymous says:

Got mine as I was reading this article. That's too funny! Anyway, my locked screen changed slightly. South of Miami...

Anonymous says:

Just got it this morning in Boston.

estevan says:

This update is starting mostly from west coast and moving it way to the east if I'm correct I've gotten the updated I am at california so it is not a big update but better quality battry power andto check your versoin go to HOME-SETTINGS-ABOUT PHONE scroll down to u see FIRMWARE. And that is your current version to see if u have 2.0 or 2.0.1