Before we're even comfortable with Cupcake, news is already hitting that Android 2.0 code-named 'Donut' is going to release in three to six months (via The H). Which means, if Google, T-Mobile, and whoever else is involved, stick to the schedule, we should see Android 2.0 hit our Android devices before the end of 2009.

Universal search, new speech-to-text API's, and handwriting gesture capabilities have been reported as 'Donut' features. We're hoping for a little more feature-wise but more importantly we sure hope the 'Donut' release is handled better than Cupcake.

So, who's ready for some Donuts?

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phrint says:

I am going to pretend I did not read this blurb about Dounut. I am just happy to have my cupcake at the moment. I am done stressing about Cupcake and I do not even want to think about Donut. Still waiting for T-Mobile to flip the switch on their 3G network in my area.

TeamAmerica says:

There's no freaking way this will happen.

Anonymous says:

The release of 'cupcake' was handled perfectly fine by the businesses involved.

The only OFFICIAL announcements were as follows:
- Google merged the 'cupcake' branch into the main branch.
- This is a development process and made the changes available for continued internal and external development.
- T-Mobile announced that 'cupcake' would be pushed out OTA with specific timelines of percentages.
- This was rightfully delayed by a week due to a bug in the software.

Everything else was rumor and speculation.

Remember kids - Not everything on the internet is true.

schlock says:

ha ha ha. i've got a bridge to sell you too if you believe this. After delay after delay (shall I repeat delay?) Cupcake took over six months to come out. Not buying a radical update like Donut will be on time and on sked. Just not in the Android M.O.

KiKiN says:

ill expect donut til 2010. i wont be getting my hopes up so soon like i did with cupcake

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homer says:

Hmm... donuts!