Before we're even comfortable with Cupcake, news is already hitting that Android 2.0 code-named 'Donut' is going to release in three to six months (via The H). Which means, if Google, T-Mobile, and whoever else is involved, stick to the schedule, we should see Android 2.0 hit our Android devices before the end of 2009.

Universal search, new speech-to-text API's, and handwriting gesture capabilities have been reported as 'Donut' features. We're hoping for a little more feature-wise but more importantly we sure hope the 'Donut' release is handled better than Cupcake.

So, who's ready for some Donuts?


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Android 2.0 Donut Releasing in Three to Six Months ?


I am going to pretend I did not read this blurb about Dounut. I am just happy to have my cupcake at the moment. I am done stressing about Cupcake and I do not even want to think about Donut. Still waiting for T-Mobile to flip the switch on their 3G network in my area.

The release of 'cupcake' was handled perfectly fine by the businesses involved.

The only OFFICIAL announcements were as follows:
- Google merged the 'cupcake' branch into the main branch.
- This is a development process and made the changes available for continued internal and external development.
- T-Mobile announced that 'cupcake' would be pushed out OTA with specific timelines of percentages.
- This was rightfully delayed by a week due to a bug in the software.

Everything else was rumor and speculation.

Remember kids - Not everything on the internet is true.

ha ha ha. i've got a bridge to sell you too if you believe this. After delay after delay (shall I repeat delay?) Cupcake took over six months to come out. Not buying a radical update like Donut will be on time and on sked. Just not in the Android M.O.