Archos 5 Android 1.6 Donut update

Good news for those of you with the Archos 5 Internet Tablet (not to be confused with that other tablet that doesn't yet exist): The Android 1.6 update that was pulled as quickly as it was released last month is ripe for the picking. That pesky browser problem that forced the delay presumably has been squashed. There's also better "optimization of applications on the high-resolution screen," new quick search, bettery power management features and a new version of the ThinkFree Mobile docs viewer. [Archos via Engadget]


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Android 1.6 update for Archos 5 is back


The Archos 5 with Android 1.6 Rocks! A newer simpler marketplace hack is already out. Literally, just download, run, reboot and tada! G-Mail, Google maps and Market and more are added to the desktop. And now most of the market's apps can take advantage of the gorgeous 4.8 inches of 800x480 screen goodness.