We know the wait for the Android 1.5 Cupcake Update is winding down but if you want to see all the new features in action (namely soft keyboard & video recording) check out the latest video from the official Android website.

In the video, the familiar face of Eric goes through some of the new features of Android 1.5 on a HTC Magic (!). Check it out!


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Android 1.5 Cupcake Update Gets an Official Video Tour


Two months ago I probably would have been excited about 1.5. But since Open Home already gives me everything 1.5 offers except YouTube updating, video and a landscape keyboard (it does have portrait) not seeing a whole lot that's special.

Big ups to Better Android (makers of Open Home) and the XDA Developers for being ahead of the curve on this one and incorporating Cupcake features in their app.

@Tallbruva - But Open Home does not give you all those nifty screen animations, photo view for favorites, picasa & you tube upload, & the soft keyboard is only good for searching w/ Open Home, this soft keyboard is system wide

Ha! If you search for "android funny hat" on you tube you will actually find the video of the camera man that he uploads in this video. Holy Meta, Batman!