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And then there's T-Mobile's CEO ...


Yes. And you always need to learn grammar. I'm telling you, people that only know a different language are better at English then you. This is your closest to grammatically correct comment ever.

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And the point of your comment was...?

By the way, it's "better at English THAN you." If you're going to mock someone's grammar at least try to be grammatically correct yourself.

Anyway, relating to the actual post, that's really funny!

What did he say? I'm assuming this is an embedded tweet, I can't see it because twitter is blocked on my work network. All I'm seeing is a big Internet Explorer error box followed by "Too good not to post on the Friday before Christmas".

He dropped a piece of coal in an AT&T, Verizon and a Sprint Christmas stocking. Then he removed his Santa beard and chuckled.

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This is exactly what the telecom industry continues to need. How many other CEOs would make as bold of moves as Legere? A buyout would seemingly stop all of this.

I'm not sure what he is doing is so great. From what I get from the industry is this, crappy high priced plans with great coverage, or crappy coverage with OK priced plans. I will give T-Mobile this, they know the network sucks, so they priced the service accordingly.


Anecdotal at best, but my wife needs a network extender to use her crap Verizon GNex in our house. My Nexus 4 on T-Mo has better service, even in my basement. So I wholeheartedly disagree with your comment, good try though.

that is why it is best to choose the service that is best for you in your area.

Verizon has the best coverage, that is almost a universal fact. I would say it is the crappy antennas on the gnex there.

Sad to say but the antennas are the issue. My first GNex worked great, was the korean made one. Broke the screen got an asurion replacement and the antennas sucked after that. I went through 2 more GNex on vzw through Asurion. Then Asurion stopped carrying GNex and gave me a GS3 and the Antennas are at least 25-50% better than my perfect first Gnex, all from my home because that is where I have the most issues. I am inbetween 2 lte antennas , 1 is 5 miles away and the other is 6-7 miles away, and I am outside the 4 mile coverage of each. The GNex did have flawed antennas.

Anecdotal and with one of the worst phones made for reception. Granted, it's impossible to get coverage to 100% of its footprint, but you can't be arguing that T-Mobile has the nationwide coverage Verizon has. I was in Arthur NE, population 150 with 4g service.


It doesn't matter to me because I get good signal with them, and I don't care about anyone else case. T-Mobile works good for me, I am neither a shareholder of T-Mobile or responsible for their company profit in any ways. They offer the best price and I happen to get good services with them while having a wide selection of unlocked GSM phones to choose from, that's all it matter. I don't care if Verizon have better coverage.

I like that he had a Sprint stocking in that too.. will be hee-larioius when they buy out his little uncarrier.

Dt wants to sell them off. I am not saying it is a fire sale, but someone is going to buy them.

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Since it's obvious that you're already with sprint, it's the best choice for YOU not me. You can get off your knees now, yoshi-son finished. Keep your outdated cdma network, even with all the network upgrades sprint is still crap compared to T-Mobiles network. You say both networks will shut down and go LTE-A but fail to realise gsm is going no where because LTE is just evolved gsm. I don't care about yoshi-son, softbank, sprint, or what you think is best. Merry Christmas.

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You are so last year. T-Mobile will soon out sprint, Sprint. Maybe Sprint should consider buying AT&T. Both are on the decline.

lol...reality eludes you doesnt it?

Dish and SPrint are in the running for buying a company that they parent company wants to unload. It is a reality. Not some cooked up fantasy. Google it.

The same was said about the AT&T purchase. All the naysayers said at the time that it was T-Mobile's only play. They were wrong, I was right.

From my POV, that was never going through. They would have been too big and constitute too big a risk to the consumer.

And actually at the time, it was tmo's only play. Sprint did not have the backing that they currently have.

Tmo has two places to go right now. Sprint or Dish. In theory, they could buy themselves out and go private, but they do not have the capital for that either.

Things change

T-Mobile doesn't have the capital (nowhere near it, actually) to "out sprint" Sprint.

Trust me, I was a little wary about this merger, too. But, at the end of the day, I'd rather see Sprint buy them out than Dish.

If Dish buys T-Mobile, then there won't be a T-Mobile, in a few years. Nobody wants that.

And, as it stands, T-Mobile will remain behind the other carriers, if something doesn't change, and fast.

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Maybe because they're adding subscribers faster than anyone else right now. They're right behind Sprint and gaining fast, would not be surprised if they overtake them as the #3 carrier next year.

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This is a bad argument. All they have to do is add 1 subscriber a month to be the fastest growing, since they were shedding people at a huge rate last year. Dodge is using this same line of thinking, and they did not make a single car for over a year.


People were bailing on T-Mobile because some thought that AT&T was actually going to permission to buy them, and would rather be on anything but AT&T ,and now they're stuck on whatever carrier the signed a contract with and possibly very mad, I know I would have been

no not really, they had 2-3 months of slim subscriber growth out of 4 years of decline.

People like to sugar coat it, but they really have not hit positive gain territory yet for the 5 year period.

Same thing Obama campaign used to say that he had the lowest spending of any modern president.

Good twist on the numbers.

However, I support tmobile 110%.

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It isnt that they are eager, or at least I am not personally, it is just that it is inevitable that it is gonna happen. They are orphaned.

I would rather them go to Sprint and make a company, that combined will be great, than DISH where they will at best stagnate, at worse become ATT or get sold for pieces

That's fair, lol. If they get bought out by Dish, then I'm going to AT&T or Ting.

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I would too. I cannot see Dish doing anything to really make any improvements. The spectrum boost that Tmo gets will be nice, but that is about it.

The only way a T-Mobile/Sprint merger would make a "great" company is if T-Mobile did the buying. If Sprint was in control, T-Mobile would be ruined. Sprint should just die and be done with it already. That is the only thing that is inevitable.

I get the feeling people believe this because they don;t like prepaid plans. As far as prepaid Sprint is great if you are in the right area. It is cheaper than ATT or Verizon and in unlimited.

I love prepaid. I wish I could take my Nexus 5 to Virgin Mobile. For 35 dollars, they have the best plan.

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The reason is because their data coverage is horrible and seems to be actually getting worse. They also didn't seem to care about keeping a long time customer (8+ years) when I dropped them. On the other hand T-Mobile's customer service has been very helpful. I also get better data speeds than Verizon where I live.

If Sprint buys T-Mobile I'll move to a prepaid carrier.

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...and wrong.

Softbank is one of the largest corporations in the world. They bought Sprint to be a vital cog in the 300 year plan that they have (I shit you not, look it up).

They are going to make 140BN off of the sale of a company that they own less than 1/3rd of (IIRC).

If they have to, they will prop Sprint up just as Google is doing to Motorola.

Actually that is a great example. Motorola was a crappy company, doing nothing right (well little) and now we here at AC think their crap does not stink. Good management with the money to make the right moves solves a lot of problems.

The difference is Sprint is not a 6 month product life cycle, it takes longer to build out a network than it does to put out a phone.

T mobile knows that going up against Softbank, Verizon and ATT, without DT's real backing, is pointless.

Facts, how do they work?

You and Richard Yarrel should get a room. You both are the most ridiculous shills on here. You just need to add "Nobody beats Softbank...period." to your signature.

You keep knocking what I say, but you have yet to offer up any evidence at all to support that I am wrong, yet I can back up each of my claims. 5 minutes on Google and you will see the basis for my points....

Come with some facts, not just cheap shots....or is an actual conversation actually beyond you?

Why wish for a company to die? Would it make you happy to see millions of people unemployed?

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I would agree to such a merger if Sprint decides to convert to a GSM carrier and slowly and surely shuts down its CDMA network for spectrum. I love having the choice of choosing my own phones instead of being limited to what is being sold/branded and approved by the carrier.

Both networks are going to shut down, everything is going to be LTE - A. If I remember right withing 5 years it is supposed to be going pretty strong.

Granted that is a form of gsm, but since everyone will be using it, the point is moot.

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

I think because dumb-ass commentators think that they know shit, when they don't about the business side of things. I also think its a 'herd' mentality, they see a topic and want in, and see two common opinions and pick a side, A or B, when in reality they have no fucking clue.

BTW, I am a fan of your posts. I'm glad you are part of the AC community.

at the very least they are contributing to the conversation instead of demeaning the commentators, but to each his own.

Too funny... Looking forward to switching from Verizon to T-Mobile in February.

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Me too. Gave up my unlimited plan and my Thunderbolt to get the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. Haven't looked back.

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I hope he brings this creativity to Sprint if they keep him on.

Speaking of that, why hasn't AC posted anything about Dish jumping into the bidding war with Sprint? I only sent the tip in a few days ago

Check Reuters or slashgear or foxbusiness for the links, AC won't let me post them. I tipped the Reuters link.

You get Sprint or Dish, T mobile is done

Dish might be a better fit than sprint. Even though I don't have dish service, the Hopper is pissing off all the TV providers, and they are not backing down. Maybe the 2 companies can take their sucking and make a non sucking company.


Ask Blockbuster how that worked out for them, and they were in the same line of work.

Not to mention what the CEO did to his own customers. You think Verizon treats you bad? This guy makes verizon look good.

Who is "this guy"? It's good writing practice to identify subjects explicitly before you use personal pronouns.

considering that I specifically mentioned the CEO of DISH in the previous sentence and it is the only person that I mentioned, I feel the burden of whom I was talking about has been fulfilled.

Reading comprehension? How does it work?

I think he was talking about the homeless guy named Bob he met the other day while walking his poodle, at least that is what I got ;-)


It could go that way for sure, just sometimes 2 terrible things becomes a good thing, like red Bull an jagermeister.


Darn, whatever it is my work decided it is social networking so I just get the big old blocked page.

Oooo k.... not sure how dropping a lump of coal in other carrier's Christmas stockings helps improve T-Mobile's coverage where I need it (compared to Verizon)! For me, T-Mobile gets the lump of coal! LOL

Verizon gets the lump of coal, for having expensive plans.

Sprint gets the lump of coal, for the slow LTE rollout.

AT&T gets the lump of coal, for copying Verizon's expensive plans.

T-Mobile gets the lump of coal, for having crappy coverage outside of major metropolitan areas.

US Cellular gets the biggest lump of coal, for copying Verizon's expensive plans and having the worst coverage of the major networks.

BOOM!! Happy Holidays!!

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Spot on!
The other thing
What he said

You hit the nail on the head my friend.

I'd give Verizon the lump for not keeping the LTE speeds up over 20mps, and generally not keeping up on network maintenance. I personally don't care that much about the bill, but my network speeds are down, and dropped calls are up quite a bit.


...and they are selling off some spectrum right now. Granted I am sure it is to buy better spectrum down the line but still..

Wait... Hold up... Did you just say dropped calls and Verizon, in the same sentence? Data speeds, as long as they're in the mbps range, can be overlooked. But, dropped calls? VoLTE needs to rollout fast.

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Ya, I would be fine with just mps speeds, if I paid em $20 a month for data, but that's not the case. They use to murder my cable Internet speeds, now it's not even close. The dropped calls thing is irritating, because the black hole is on the off ramp from the interstate by our house. It does though get me off those boring wife coming hole from work phone calls though a little early, so maybe I should thank them!


Funny, but those other carriers are likely thinking "laugh now, cry later..."

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I cant see the video when I click on it. Do you have to have Vine installed?

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What are you viewing it on? You don't need Vine installed; I'm viewing the video, on my Nexus 7 with the AC app.

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imagine waking up and seeing Legere in a Santa suit standing over your bed with that evil grin. talk about scary.

I know you all are excited about T- mobile but honestly, that was a pretty lame video. Im not going to bash on T-mobile, but I'd rather see them actually improve and cut into VZW and ATT's domination before taking pot shot videos.

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It is wrapped tight black tar...

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

Wow really?? Ok..pot shots = taking jabs at. The term has noting to do with drugs. But I guess you all where just trying to be funny...

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Do you want to put your money where your loud obnoxious mouth is? I'll take a bet. Or you just another keyboard commando with no balls?

Of course if you had any integrity you would have already changed your handle as you promised to do.

You can answer this, but not my question above to refute my claims? How about adding to the conversation instead of trying to attack the people here.

As for changing my name, the N5 fell short of the criteria. The battery fell short, but I gave that a pass. The camera is/was not up to par at all, and that was the biggest thing.

So no, I did not have to change my nick, the N5 is better and I do not knock it, but fell short of the bet parameters

As far as keyboard commando, I can back my claims, can you?

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

Am I the only person who can't play this video on the Android Central app?

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Personally, I think this is classless and distasteful. Tmobile has no place dropping lumps of coal when their customer service and network drop loads of "other stuff" every day.

If you are gonna take a slap at competitors, make sure your own company is up to snuff first. I could run Tmobile better in my sleep. Maybe he should stop playjng Santa.... and CEO.

I've been a T-Mobile customer since 4/29/12, I live in New Haven County Connecticut, no problems, good strong signal, where I live at I gave 3-4 bars of LTE, 20-30mbps, very happy thus far.

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Welp, I can't disagree with his decisions! T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNO's ftw!

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Just switched from VZW to T-Mobile. I couldn't believe how much better the call quality is. Data speeds in areas that have 4G LTE on TMo blow VZW out of the water but of course they don't have as much 4G coverage. Overall, happy with the decision to switch.

Great Vine!!

I write this on my laptop, which is tethered to my Sprint Epic Touch 4G, because it's rural and my T-Mobile is on 2G LOL. Just visiting with friends for the Holidays, but it's my Sprint phone that is the Winner on this vacation.