We know those who have it, love their T-Mobile 3G and those who don't have it, just can't wait. So without further ado, here are more T-Mobile 3G cities for you guys to either celebrate in or be extremely jealous of:

  • Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Salem, Oregon (unconfirmed)

Additionally, T-Mobile's 3G Network has been expanded and broadened in Denver, Colorado and the Austin/San Antonio Market. Hopefully this is good news for you guys and if you don't have T-Mobile 3G yet in your city, let us know in the comments!

[via tmonews]


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And More T-Mobile 3G Cities!


No 3G in Columbus, Ohio but saw it was on the list for implementation in June. Hopefully this is accurate.

I can't believe there is no 3G in Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, OH, Nashville TN!

They are missing almost the entire midwest...

Come on already. The little rinky dink towns that have 3G and none for the millions of us... Ridiculous.

So appalled by T-Mobiles rollout.

Can someone tell me why Georgetown, IN has 3G for T-mobile (but not AT&T), yet Louisville, KY, about 31 miles away, doesn't?

My wife just started picking up a 3G signal on her G1 in Columbus, OH. It seems just as fast as my iPhone 3G. Good stuff T-Mobile!

I Live in Baton Rouge, La and T Mobile 3 G is nowhere close, when is it coming? Why buy a 3 G phone when you won't have the service?

Ok...What the??? If Salem, OR has T-Mobile 3G, how does Portland still only have the PAINFULLY slow EDGE network. Bah!

I was told when I first signed up that the louisville market would have 3 g by late 2008. Guess what t-mob. It is now 2009. Hopefully rumors of late 3rd quarter of 2009 are true.

From Indianapolis I'm on my toes still waiting everyday I check the network on my sidekick lx.......

I'm live in baton rouge,louisiana an we don't have 3g yet we need it..so when will we get it

Louisville KY should have 3G with t-mobile trying to compete in this city with AT&T which has a dominate control of the largest shipping company in the world (UPS) with the iphone and 3g capabilities. I think the my touch is a step in the right direction for t-mobile but 3g has to be the next step.

I live in baton rouge and travel from mississippi and new orleans all the time and there is no 3g in the areas at all!

Las Cruces and Albuquerque New Mexico needs 3G!!! these are the two most populated cities in the state!

Ok, so we need T-mobile 3G in New Albany, IN or Louisville, KY! Come on, I mean seriously. ATT has 3G, why dont you guys? I was excited when I got the My TOuch and then very disappointed when i realized we dont have 3g access. THIS IS CRAZY T MOBILE, get with the program

We need 3g in Louisville, Ky. If we don't get it soon I am going to switch to AT&T and get the Iphone. We are a fairly large city we should of had this by now. I pay entirely way to much a month for the service and don't receive it.

Louisville KY needs 3G right now!

Its been a year since I got my G1 and using it effectively is almost impossible on Edge. The current promise is 4Q09. Well its 4Q09, now, where's the 3G?

There's been a year of false advertising about T Mobile, G1 an 3G.

This is what happens when the government lets business (specifically senior mgmt paychecks) be more important than people and customer service.

Where's the FCC, cowering in a dark corner somewhere? Oh yeah, forcing everyone to get crappy digital TV service!

C'mon T-Mobile, light up 3G in Louisville, KY -- NOW!! I can't believe we're at the bottom of your blasted list. As others have pointed out, you've covered many other cities with smaller population than ours already. What gives??

In Louisville ky aswell, where's the 3g??? Friend yesterday had their iphone out and said why isn't mine that fast...not fun when you are trying to brag about your new MyTouch.

I've noticed from all the pages I've looked at on this topic that no representatives ever even respond to any of our concerns either. Just proof positive that tmobile doesn't give a shit about its customers. We already bought the phone and signed the contract so what do they care.

Loyal louisville ky tmobile customer for about 4 years now. When my contract is up, I'll be switching.
Thanks for nothing tmobile.