For some folks sounds have a huge impact on many aspects of their life. Listening to rain while they sleep, thunderstorms while they work, crackling fire while reading a book. It adds a level of comfort to have the environment around them enhanced by sound. Ambiance has been a leader of the environment enhancement space on other platforms and now they've released their app for Android powered devices. As you'd expect, the full set of features has made the transition as well:

  • Choose from thousands of sounds... competitors only give you a handful to choose from.
  • Download only the sounds you want to save space on your device.
  • Wake up gently to any sound fading in.
  • Fill your screen with HD images that fit each sound perfectly.
  • Create custom sound mixes to further customize your Ambiance.
  • Save favorites and make custom playlists.

Ambiance has over 2500 sounds in their catalog and constantly adding more to the mix daily. Personally, I love the sound of rain and thunderstorms while I sleep and having the ability to create a mix of that is worth the buy in cost of $2.99 for the app. Sadly though, Ambiance has not made a free demo version available via either the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store so you're on your own determining if the app is worth that much. Either way, the download link is below for you all.


Reader comments

Ambiance brings their collection of soothing sounds to Android


What I don't like in the "ambient" type of apps is the end of the loop is never smooth and the noticeable restart wakes me up. Is this smoother where you don't notice it?

I am Matt from Urban Apps. About 95% of our beta testers reported no skipping. The rest had older phones, were working with low memory or had unknown issues. Feel free to contact us at if you have any ?'s

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0.4 (in other words -- the newest possible version of Android) and I still hear a skip where the sound loops.

I just purchased the app and unfortunately I also get audible clicks or breaks between loops (very short, but disruptive nonetheless) on all the sounds I've tried on my Galaxy S2.
Happens with both OGG and MP3 (a sharp click with OGG, a softer sound with MP3).

Sadly this makes this otherwise very impressive app pretty much unusable.

I've been using lightning bug for about a year to a year and a half now. Absolutely love the mix and match options. But it appears that the developer has stopped adding sounds which made me kinda sad.

Does anyone know if they have the option, like lightning bug, to set sounds to activate within a certain range of seconds. As an example. I have wind at 10% volume, wind at 30% volume, crackling fire, crickets at 40% volume, an owl set to go off ever 80-240 seconds at 9% volume, and a lone wolf to go off every 123-369 seconds at 5% volume.

Camping at its best.

Can you do that?

Ambiance does have a mix feature with individual volume controls. It does;t have random intervals though because it doesn't really make sense for the Ambiance Sounds. Other apps have sounds embedded in the APK meaning they have to be kept short and small. Ambiance is like a free iTunes for ambient sounds, allowing you to download the ones you want. This means that the quality is better, and the sounds are longer. Most sounds are around 3 minutes long. When you have 2 or 3 longer duration sounds looping on top of each other, it becomes a randomized experience as each one loops at a different length. It is because our sounds are better that we can omit the randomized interval "feature" that other apps have to add.

Ehhh. No offense coneybeare but that is marketing speak.

I purchased Ambiance. Its a good app and I'm certain I will get plenty of use out of it. But the two apps are vastly different, both having their pros and cons.
The handful of sounds that I've downloaded, admittedly I've barely scratched the surface, more then a few are't "clean" from the standpoint of just having that one sound. So as an example. Lets say I want to add mountain wolves to a blizzard in the back. The wolves track has crickets running in the a blizzard.
Your app is fantastic for the individual tracks.

But if I want to build my own LB still beats it. The sounds they use are short, clean, and have no background noise so mixing and matching works well especially with looping.
It basically comes down to trying to recreate a camping experience or the experience of being out in the snow, with a fire going, where a tawny owl hoots every 5 minutes. I can build that scenario with the other app. There is power in the ability to tweak, but your app has the power of diversity...very much a six of one, half dozen of another opinion. I like them both.

I own about a half dozen sound generators from the market. Actually Ambiance put me over that now. I've pretty much tried them all. Both of you guys are top two, IMHO.

PS- Yes I have problems sleeping, hence the reason I've tried them all. Combined all of these apps were cheaper then the Brookstone sound machine I got back in the late 90's :[

I to have been using Lightning Bug almost every night for over a year and just don't see how any other app could improve on what they have already accomplished. I have it running on my Rezound flawlessly without skips.

You get full access to all of the sounds with the purchase of the app. You download the ones you want and organize them in your library.

Why does the Google Play description say "Ambiance has been featured by Google in the Android Marketplace multiple times!" if it just came out?

We had a basic version years ago but removed it from the market because it was so bad. It was during that time that that the app was featured by Google a few times, despite how bad it was. This is a re-launch, a complete re-write. Now we have a rockstar Android developer and a solid app we can stand behind.

I purchased it last night, and although I do hear the restart, it's not a deal breaker. There's a ton of clips, and they all sound very good. Nice work.

VZ Galaxy Nexus