Amazon's Instant Video app launch said to be 'imminent'

It looks like Amazon is set to debut its Instant Video app on Android phones outside of the company's Kindle Fire ecosystem. An Amazon spokesperson is said to have confirmed of the app's launch to a broader array of phones running Google's mobile operating system but declined to give specifics as to which models will be supported and when.

"Russell Morris, marketing director at Amazon Instant Video [said] that an app for Android devices is 'imminent' although it's unclear whether it will be available across both smartphone and tablet," reported UK's PC Adivsor.

Amazon's Instant Video service competes with video streaming subscription services like Netflix and allows customers to either rent or purchase movies and TV shows a la carte or have access to a library of available content for free through their Amazon Prime annual subscription. On the desktop, Amazon Instant Video is available by visiting the site in the browser while on mobile, the app has thus far been restricted to Apple's iOS devices as well as Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet series, Fire TV, and the new Fire Phone.

Given that the Kindle devices use a forked version of Android, we can't imagine it would be too hard to port the Instant Video app to bring it to a more general Android release.

Additionally, another big news for Amazon's streaming video service is that 4K Ultra HD (UHD) support is coming. Amazon Studios will film its 2014 series in the new higher resolution UHD format.

Are you a Prime subscriber and Android user? Are you looking forward to watching the Instant Video catalog on your Android phone or tablet?

Source: PC Advisor


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Amazon's Instant Video launch for Android said to be 'imminent'


I let my Prime expire after the price raise a mere 6 days ago. In the survey they asked me take I cited the lack of an Android app as my top reason why I couldn't justify the price increase. Obviously, Amazon couldn't stomach the loss of my Mrs. shopping dollars, so I'll take full credit for this.

You're all welcome.

The Price increase is in effect in 2015 for current subscribers ... my Sub is up in September of this year and will be $79.99. in 2015 it will be the $99.99 price and they better have an app by then

It is the Case... I got an Email which I deleted a long time ago Plus this on my manage prime account page

On September 19, 2014, you will be charged $79 for a year of Prime. Starting September 19, 2015, you will be charged $99 per year.

That's only for 4 years and then they make you prove that you're still a student if you want to continue at student pricing. ( they just emailed me to prove that I'm a student)

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We'll be renewed this October, and the price will go up to $99. Still worth it considering the amount of shopping my wife does on Amazon, the streaming app for Android will be icing on the cake. I agree with others though, it's about damn time...

With over a Billion people using Android in the world, I can't believe it took this long for them to do this.

Not every market on the planet can get a Fire Tablet or Kindle, but can have access to their apps.

I cancelled mine and got my $79 refunded after I cited the reason for cancelling was lack of support for anything other than an iOS or Kindle device.

I'd prefer direct support, I want to be able to use my devices while the videos are still playing on the TV like netflix and youtube do with chromecast.

For a steaming service I'd rather not have to steam from my device so hoping it'll include native chromecast support.

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Yes and kill the battery of your phone while doing it. I still prefer direct Chromecast support.

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it is not the same. when casting a tab you stream all of your info to google and then back to the chromecast. with app support, the link to the video is all that is needed.

Allcast would probably cast it. Everytime I go full screen on my device I see the Allcast button to cast my screen.
I didn't like screen mirroring on my iPhone I don't think I would use it much on my android either. Cool for pictures but I can cast that too.

Without Chromecast support, it's not a very pleasant experience. I tried to mirror the "Showtime Anytime" app from my N5 and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I needed to keep the screen on all the time, not the smooth experience of say Netflix and HBO GO. Without Chromecast support, I'll have little interest.

Without Chromecast support it will be worthless to me. So hopefully it'll come with it!

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There is no chromecast support for ios version of the app so wouldn't see why Android would support it.... Thus my statement stands.....

There wasn't any hope for support for Android version of the app before, but now there is! Things change, and appealing to a broad audience is a better business plan.

Now, if google can get off their butts and add voice calling to the Android hangouts client, all will be right with the world1

I really hope this is true, I just emailed them this weekend to express my displeasure at the lack of an app for Android (for about the 5th time) threatening not to renew my Prime membership and they didn't hint about anything coming out soon, they just said "we'll forward your comments to the Video group". I really will let it lapse if no app shows up - how long has Netflix had an app now? Surely it's not a technological problem, nor a studio/DRM issue if Netflix can get around it.

what is the email addy? it would be a pain in that butt to hunt it down on the site. i would bet posting it here would slam their inbox with complaints.

owning a tivo... i know full well that 'amazon instant video' and 'amazon prime instant video' are two totally separate things. luckily there is already the amazon instant video app in the play store.

This is GREAT point, and the linked article calls it "Prime Instant Video" - that's the real headline here.

AC might think about updating it.

i just looked at it instead of searching for it like i did earlier. it is actually the amazon instant app for google tv. it is there when you go to on a pc/chromebook. from the pics, that app does have prime baked in with it.

You do realize that Google TV is dead no? I doubt that app would work properly on phones/Chromecast, it doesn't even show up in the store for those devices.

That is jot what I was trying to get across. The way you can view the app to see it in the play store is to use the address.

Please be true I use the prime shipping like crazy but certainly feel I'm missing out on video

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I already have amazon instant streaming on my Google TV, so should be pretty easy to port to Android TV, and I think I read that Google TV apps will automatically work on Android TV.

It's about time! It doesn't make any business sense to not have this available on as many platforms as they can get it on. I've been wondering for a while now why we have Amazon music, but not video.

Excellent news if true. Assuming this is opened up to phones and tablets alike, it would completely obviate the need to buy a Kindle Fire. Just need a 9" version of the Nexus 7 and I'm golden.

I am very ready for Amazon to make the Instant Video app available for Android. I hope it works with the Galaxy S3!

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Omg omg omg pleasee be true I so tire of watching shows on fire hdx 8.9 on prime video then forced to use other means on my cell phone. Amazon keep me an honest man
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Why does the quote at PC Advisor refer to Russell Morris making the statement at the firm's Christmas show? Christmas was in December and its now July?

Russell Morris, marketing director at Amazon Instant Video told PC Advisor at the firm's Christmas show in central London that an app for Android devices is 'imminent' although it's unclear whether it will be available across both smartphone and tablet

my question is it going to be in the Google Play Store or are they going only have it in the Amazon Appstore? also, Chromecast support is a must.

Don't you mean considerably overdue? And let's hope it turns out better than Amazon Prime Music. I so love overpaying for another useless feature

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I'll believe it when I see it. I was just raging about the blackballing of Android for video over at The Verge on an article about their unlimited Kindle books plan which is rumored on its way. It's been a sick joke for too long.

Posted via sheer force of will from my OnePlus One!

I'd keep my Prime membership whether they did this or not. I use Amazon just way too much for ordering stuff but this would (of true) be icing on the cake I guess. I use Roku sometimes if I wanna watch it, but I generally use Netflix since casting to Chromecast is so easy.

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My last kindle device would get rooted, recoveried and have normal android installed on it in a heartbeat if this app is released. A general purpose android device is so much more useful than a walled garden fire. Please be true!

I've been watching Prime Video since my Motorola Electrify days and even today on my Note II (sideload Flash Player and watch it in the Browser). Yes, I will enjoy a standalone App and I would REALLY enjoy offline support with storage on SD cards, and direct Chromecast display. But what kills me is that without a big enough data plan, the only place I'll be able to stream it is at home since every hotel and coffee shop I've ever visited doesn't have enough bandwidth. And for home viewing, a lot of people have a Blu-Ray with Prime Video support or even a Smart TV (full disclosure: I have neither), making the phone unnecessary. Speaking of which, I really REALLY hope that they don't constrain it to 7" screens or larger...

I'm sure all of you Netflix users already went through this in the early days...

Finally, I've been using workarounds to watch Amazon prime on my tablet. Usually slower and burns through battery really fast. Would be nice to have a maybe app.

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Oh PLEASE be true! Not only that, but please let "imminent" actually mean what it is supposed to mean and not end up being like Half-life 3...

I am looking forward to this app, be great if it supports Chromecast too. I guess this will also be the way of supporting Chromebooks.

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"Imminent" should mean now, like right.... Now! I said right now. Hey, Bezos.....

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I tend to watch Netflix more. I have Amazon Prime too and I use the free shipping feature a lot. I really do not fully try to understand the Amazon, but I am a fan of what I can easily grasp. The new app would be fine since I am reluctant to buy the messed up version of Android again.