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For a limited time, Amazon Wireless is offering some of Sprint's top devices for cheap. This deal only applies to new customers, so if you're already on Sprint, this doesn't apply. But if you've been considering switching carriers, this may be a good time to do so.

For a short time and with a new 2-year contract, you can get deals on the following devices:

If you're interested in the deals, head on over to Amazon Wireless.

Source: Amazon Wireless

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fifthbus says:

100 dollars for a Note 2? That's incredibly tempting. I would spend less on buying that phone, cancelling the contract and bringing it over to a prepaid plan than I would buying the phone unlocked.

HAAS599 says:

Genius idea. Only glitch is that Sprint is cdma.

boriqua2000 says:

Only glitch is that you'll have a great phone but no sigal to use it.

bearballz72 says:

Sprint LTE works here just fine:)

yankeesusa says:

I just went to best buy and had them price match it and got back cash. Awesome deal. Sprint may be dead in the water right now when it comes to data speed but hopefully the buyout of clearwire and the merger with the international company will help them. If not then I will sell my phone and pay my cancellation fee and bye bye sprint.

ISS2 says:

They let you price match it?! (I'll be there later...)

epic_mike29 says:

WTF!? i went in to our local best buy and asked and they told me they only price match the main companies not online sales.

Comineeyeaha says:

Optimus G for $50? I might have to grab that. My wife's verizon contract is up in a few weeks, and I think Sprint would be a good network to switch to. No LTE in Utah yet, but it will get here eventually, right?

dchawk81 says:

Might want to see if Sprint 3G is tolerable first. For awhile and for many people, including myself, it wasn't. I don't know how it is now though.

jorgeix says:

I wouldn't advice you to switch from Verizon to sprint unless you don't need data but you still don't mind paying for it. I just dropped sprint and moved my 3 lines to Verizon.
It would make sense if sprint would let you opt out of data and only pay for voice and text; but the problem is that if you buy a smart phone you have to pay for data; but Sprint's 3g network has gotten intolerable in most places. I live in Phoenix and during peak hours their network is so bogged down that it's impossible to do anything that requires data connections. At less than 100 kbps you can't do anything. I've without a contract for more than a year and it was tempting to upgrade my 3 phones with very little money, but I just didn't think it was worth taking the risk to sign up for 2 more years of failed promises from sprint.

rawpower87 says:

Awesome this is going to make a great gift for my dad

rawpower87 says:

Awesome this is going to make a great gift for my dad