Amazon reportedly buying Twitch for over  billion

Update Twitch has now made the official announcement on their acquisition by Amazon via a post from their CEO Emmett Shear. He stated, "We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We're keeping most everything the same: our office, our employees, our brand, and most importantly our independence. But with Amazon's support we'll have the resources to bring you an even better Twitch." Amazon has also issued its own press release, stating that is it purchasing Twitch for $970 million in cash. It added that the acquisition will officially close sometime in the second half of 2014.

Original story Amazon may be about to make an end run around Google in a bid to purchase the game video streaming service. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon will acquire for over $1 billion, according to an unnamed source.

In May, Google's YouTube subsidiary was rumored to purchase, which has 45 million viewers a month, for over $1 billion. That deal was reported to be finalized back in June. However, neither YouTube nor announced that such an acquisition had taken place.

So what happened? It's not clear what caused Google to step out and Amazon to step in to purchase The Wall Street Journal claims the official announcement on the deal could be revealed today. We should soon see if these reports are accurate. What do you think of the prospect of Amazon purchasing and what do you think Amazon will do with the game video streaming company?

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Amazon will reportedly buy Twitch for over $1 billion [Update: It's official]


Because google plus integration. It literally destroyed youtube comments. I used to love commenting and talking on youtube. Now it's just pointless. And look at the top comments of any video posted to reddit. The first 5/6 comments will always be troll accounts. Great job taking care of the trolls and shit comments Google!

Duh. That's not what I said. I said they made it worse. At least trolls were easy to ignore. Now comments with the most replies go to the top, and it makes it easy for trolls to be seen. Plus you get notifications for responses to responses to responses. It's stupid.

That they go to the top is the rating system not Google plus. Notifications can be turned off easily.

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That is not true and you know it, or you are not a normal/heavy Youtube user. The comments have gotten soooo much better. I see close to no troll comments ever since the update, just quality stuff.

Plus I actually find YouTube conversations easier to keep track of using G+, I was perturbed at first too, but the integration works quite well. And I agree, while they're still there, it's definitely lessened the trolling, not increased it.

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Exactly. I never realized people had replied to me before the G+ integration, but now it's so easy. And if I'm tired of replies I can mute it, or even lock replies on my posts.

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The videos I'm watching have tons of trolls at the top. Simply because they get a lot of replies/votes/reaction. And then when I do comment/respond to someone, I end up getting flooded with notifications because of other people talking to each other later on down in the responses.

That's people's fault for giving attention to the trolls. And you can easily mute a post you're tired of getting notified about.

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Have you ever even used Twitch? Twitch chat is the embodiment of retardation and trolling due to its anonymous nature, so there's no way that it could affect the 'quality of the conversations' in any negative manner.

Is the twitch chat part of the charm? Some might argue that, but tthere's no denying what it really is, a breeding ground of trolling and stupidity. (and I'm saying this as someone who enjoys the twitch chat for what it is)

And what does Google+ integration have to do either trolls? They were there before Google+ and they'll be there long after.

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I'm hoping it will be better with amazon for a few reasons. First of all, Google already owns youtube, that is enough eggs in one basket. Secondly, I am hoping that Amazon is less draconian with the copyright infringement crap. Finally, I really didn't want to see youtube and twitch cross linked.

Why? Arent there a ton of twitch or twitch like videos already on youtube? Why not condense them all into one service/place

There are these institutions called "banks" that often loan large sums of money to companies in exchange for future repayment of a slightly larger sum of money.

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Lol. It doesn't turn a profit because it uses all of its profit to make a bigger and better company. Amazon grows substantially every year.

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Dude you gotta tell me more about this. Does it work for an average joe like me even though I'm not corporation/company? I dont like having to pay back more.. But if i can start a business with the money they loaned to me, i can still pay back.

Where can i go for this?????

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No, it doesn't work for normal people. You'll have to go to a loan shark. Don't worry, though; as long as you can repay the 50% interest, I'm sure your knees will be fine.

Shouldn't be too hard considering they're the largest online retailer.. In the world.

Quick search tells me they had almost $13 Billion in cash at the end of 2013.

Amazon might try and turn it into a paid service and make it part of Amazon Prime

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So Amazon is spending a billion dollars on a site where people can watch other people play video games?

Wow. How lame.

Cheaper than buying a TextMessaging app for $19 Billion dollars!

That Facebook and WhatsApp deal was friggn' ridiculous!! Still can't get over how an app can be worth more than some countries GDP. To put that in perspective, Jamaica's GDP is $14.3B..

I am wondering if Google had heard that Amazon were interested in buying Twitch, so they made an offer simply to push the price up and Amazon would thus have to pay a stupid amount of money for it.

Ok, 45 Million users a month, or 540M a year, if you can make $2 of advert revenue off each, that's $1080M, so perhaps the sums do add up?

This is terrible. Goodbye to ever getting chromecast support. Likely to become another amazon exclusive service. What a waste

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