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One day only, Amazon takes 15% off the latest 7-inch Kindle Fires to celebrate FAA decision

In honor of the FAA's landmark decision to allow the use of most electronic devices during all stages of flight, Amazon is throwing a one day sale on the 7 inch Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX. The sale is limited to the U.S, and only one discount per customer, but entering the code "ThnksFAA" at checkout will net you 15% off one of the tablets, or a regular Kindle if you'd prefer. 

That takes the Kindle Fire HD 7-inch down to $118, and the similarly sized HDX down to $195. Modest savings, but never to be sneered at, especially with the holidays just around the corner. So, if you've been holding out, now might be the time to pull the trigger. Head on over to Amazon, and let us know which one you pick up if you're buying. 

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Amazon thanks the FAA, reduces price of 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and HDX to celebrate


IF I were to purchase a tablet, the Kindle Fire HDX would be my number one choice. But, I have absolutely NO need, nor do I desire any tablet. Expensive toys. A fad driven by Apple marketing their grossly overpriced, highly overrated, and nauseatingly over hyped iPad line, which has now become near impossible to repair with the introduction of the so-called "Air" model. Read the iFixit article about the same.

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Different strokes. I love my Nexus 10 tablet, but think any smartphone is a grossly overpriced, nauseatingly over hyped fad. Go figure.

Huh. My girlfriend pre-ordered the 7" HDX in October and her order was still showing pre-order status. I had no idea they'd started shipping two weeks ago.

She was able to cancel that (apparently busted) order and order one with this code today. Thanks for the tip, guys!

I think I will order an HD for my 8 year old daughter for X-Mas. I have $100 in Amazon gift cards so the 16 GB Fire HD will be pretty cheap.

Good Gift, my 8 year old son has one and loves it. He doesn't need anything more than a Kindle for Apps. But invest in a sturdy case. My son has dropped his more times than I can count in the past week alone. And it's never broke.

Do you have a case you recommend? I am not finding many to fit the new model other than the $45 origami cases which seem crazy expensive.