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Amazon's single sign-on launched for Kindle Fire three weeks ago, and as of today it's now available on more standard Android-based devices. The straight-forward Amazon app available in Google Play has been updated to support the single sign-on service and integrates with Amazon's other apps for Android. Sign in with the Amazon app and your other Amazon services apps on your Android device will also be logged in.

Single sign-on through Amazon only works with Amazon's own apps, and only on devices running Android 2.3 or higher. The app also has gained a new icon that fits in with the more modern Android interface, instead of the older pseudo-3D gradient icon it used to have.

The Amazon for Tablets app hasn't yet been updated with Amazon single sign-in, but we imagine that's only a matter of time.


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Amazon single sign-on now available on all Android devices


Does this mean the Amazon app won't request a password if making a purchase if I'm already signed into the Amazon App store app, as I'm required to be to use any of the apps I have from there?

Confirmed: Just made an Amazon purchase with card on file without having to enter a password. I don't like that. I want to require a password to spend my money!

And confirmed: signing out of Amazon app also signs out of other Amazon apps, like the app store. Well, Amazon is so great that they won't let you use an app from their store unless you are signed into the app store. Well, signing into the app store also signs you into the normal shopping store and the mp3 store, allowing anyone with your phone to spend all of you money and mail items wherever without needing any passwords.

"This item is not available in your country" :/ the country in question being the UK.

EDIT: Though just searching the play store brings up a downloadable version.

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Hmmm.... I hope it can still handle separate sign-ons too (or, at least, multiple Amazon accounts). My Audible and Kindle accounts are separate from the account I use for Amazon proper.

Amazon Prime Video for Android is something I can't live without. This is something I couldn't care less about.


One would think that they would want to have Prime Instant Video available on as many devices as possible just to compete. Netflix definitely believes it is important to have their service available for subscribers wherever they are. Apparently their definition of instant is everywhere except Android devices that are not made by us. They have a bloody iOS app, can it be that hard to make the Instant Video app they have on the Amazon tablets work on other Android devices?

Amazon VP: "Android users are constantly complaining about the lack of Prime Videos. What should we do?

Amazon CEO: "Let's update the icon."

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Updated the Amazon Store App, now anyone with my phone has access to my gift card balance. This is a serious breach of safety compared to a rogue 99c app purchase. I uninstalled the Amazon Store App. Back to the PC until Amazon allows me to disable Single Sign On.