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There's no doubt that Amazon is trying to become a strong competitor in the Android tablet game, and a big part of that is the success of its own Appstore. There's always been an issue with properly quantifying the success of Amazon's products though, as the company is intentionally vague about sales and usage numbers. As part of a press release about A/B testing in its Appstore today, however, it announced quite a few interesting statistics.

Amazon has seen a 500 percent increase in app downloads from its store in the past year, which is a huge number. Additionally, apps making use of its GameCircle (centralized gaming platform) have more than doubled. Developers making use of in-app purchases doubled in the third quarter of 2012 as well, and 23 of the top 25 grossing apps are now using them.

Those are impressive numbers indeed, and we hope Amazon continues to give some information as to how well its AppstoreĀ and Kindle Fire platforms are performing in the future. (Like maybe some actual numbers of how many it's sold.) The company will surely continue to push its version of Android for the foreseeable future.

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Amazon sees 500 percent growth in Appstore downloads in one year


I only go there to get the free app of the day i have 382 apps from them never bought one thing and i just get them on my pc dont even have there app store on my phone

While I like the appearance of the updated Amazon Appstore app, the performance is extremely slow even on a Galaxy S3 on WiFi.

Another issue I have with it is the fact that apps from there are not updated nearly as fast as the same app on Google Play. If you could install an app from Amazon, and be able to update it via Google Play, that would be nice.

I had the same problem with performance on my One X; a recent update seemed to clear that up, and it's not nearly as slow. An Amazon update, not a phone update I should add.

Those are the exact same issues that stop me from buying apps off Amazon too. I use FAOTD, and if I really like it, I sometimes go to Play to buy it to make sure I get timely updates.

That's probably not saying much. App downloads are so low on the Amazon app store compared to Google Play, and definitely the iOS app store.

My point exactly. Considering how few apps there were on the Amazon Appstore a year ago, and how many fewer devices there were, using a percentage to describe the growth is statistically insignificant, and pure, unadulterated misdirection.

I just dumped the appstore on my phone. with the last update its size grew to 36M. I have an OG EVO and just couldn't handle the excessive use of memory. I cleared data and it still grew to the original size. Also apps aren't updated in a timely matter, and when there are update Play wants you to up date them in the play store. It's just a mess having 2 sources for your apps. I'll just suppport app developers by buying at the play store.

Amazon app store thinks. If it weren't for the apps that I got from there back when they actually had real apps included in the "free app of the day" I would delete it from my phone.

Does anyone really wonder why they speak in percentages and not actual numbers? I sure don't. They could say their app store sucks 500% less and it would still really suck.