AT&T and Sprint HTC One going for $79.99 up-front for new customers, $99.99 for upgrades

Amazon's one-day sale on the Sprint and AT&T HTC One has begun. For today only, HTC's latest handset is being sold at a reduced price of $79.99 if you're a new customer, or $99.99 for upgrades, which is a pretty good discount on our favorite Android phone of the moment.

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Amazon one-day HTC One sale now on


Will have my stealth black one on Monday on AT&T. Keeping my Verizon account with my DNA for work. The One for play =)

remember, there is an additional 400.00 cancellation fee if you cancel your line before 181 days. So that means if you cancel, there will be a 400.00 charge from Amazon, and a 350 fee from your service provider. Is that really worth the extra 100 off?

Ahh, I'm so torn. I'm been flipping back and forth since seeing the article here yesterday. Might just stick with my GNexus for a little longer b/c I really don't want to sign a new contract.

I am in the same boat. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus that I bought. I want that pure Android experience, quick updates and Google Wallet. But the HTC One hardware is nice. I don't want to pay that $600 price for the HTC One Nexus. My work delivered my a HTC One from T-Mobile...but I am thinking about sending it back and not taking this as my upgrade. My hope is that Google Introduces a "Google Nexus" device this fall with Android 5.0. That device will be $299/$349.

Exactly... waiting for that. My contract is ending this Aug. HTC and GS4 are tempting. But just biting my fingers waiting for Google Nexus 5..

Keep in mind that if you currently have unlimited data on AT&T you won't be able to keep it with this deal. You'll have to choose a new plan.

While I have the s4, the One is certainly a beautiful and powerful device. Cheers to who ever takes advantage of this deal!

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Today is my birthday, and I've been sitting on an upgrade for 6 months. This would have been an awesome way to treat myself, if only VZW wasn't such a floppy flounder. Curse you.

No more contracts for me. At&t with there outrageous monthly fees can take someone else's money.

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Got mine at 3 am. Bye bye verizon. 12 years with them and the same old bs. Wait 4 or 5 months after everyone else because they need special manufacturing due to type of cdma they use. Tired of no loyalty to loyal customers also. Hello, Ma Bell.

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Not that good a deal, I got mine for $99 about a month ago after I traded in my dust collecting droid.

I think Costco is still the better deal, especially if you're in CA. They don't charge taxes on the whole phone itself but the wholesale price and they wave the upgrade fee ($36) in addition to giving you a free extra car charger/ac adapter in one, case and screen protector at $129.99.