ASUS C300 Chromebook

Update: It looks like Google Play is also running a $20 Chromebook discount right now. If you prefer to pick one up from there, have at it.

Original story: There's no doubt that Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are great machines for an education setting, and Amazon is capitalizing on that fact with a back-to-school promotion that's knocking $20 or more off of select Chrome OS devices. The popular Acer C720 is $179, down from $199, while the model with 32GB storage is $229 down from $249. An HP Chromebook 11 is just $199, down from $279, and there are also Chromebases and Chromeboxes with $20, $30 and $40 discounts. Even newer models like the Samsung Chromebook 2 and ASUS Chromebook C300 have price drops.

There's no indication that you need a .edu email address or associated Amazon Student account to get in on these deals (we just purchased an ASUS C300 at discount with no hoops), so you can follow the source link below and get your discounted Chromebook today. If you're still on the fence on any of these devices, be sure to read all of your Chromebook reviews before you make a decision.

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Amazon knocking $20 or more off Chromebooks in back-to-school promotion [update]


Not seeing the C720 4GB for $229.

"The popular Acer C720 with 2GB of RAM is $179, down from $199, while the model with 4GB RAM is $229 down from $249."

I do see the 2GB RAM/32GB SSD model for $229 though.

I am not so sure they are great devices for education. They are cheap. A windows machine is better in pretty much every way for education.

Ha! I got myself a 230$ Surface with office, apps, a USB port, kickstand, micro SD, flash in the browser, 64 gigs, and more. No need for a Chromebook.

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