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Odds are that if you own one of the Amazon Kindle tablets / E-Readers you enjoy reading. (Duh.) But have you ever avoided reading a book because of the pricetag? Meet Amazon Kindle Lending Library, a new way for Kindle owners to "borrow" a book for their reading pleasure for free, if they meet a few requirements. First you must own a Kindle device -- shocking, huh -- and second you must be a part of Amazon Prime, which is an $80 annual membership (sign up for one month free) that also allows for free second day shipping on all Amazon orders as well. If you are a Prime member, and own a Kindle device you can borrow one book a month, without any due dates for its return. Hit the source for full details on how to get started.

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Amazon introduces Kindle Lending Library to all Kindle owners with Amazon Prime membership


I don't see anything anywhere that states an answer to an obvious question: is this for *any book* that has a Kindle edition on

I mean... that library is insanely big...

Some publishers are fighting against e-books and will not participate.

I read somewhere that Amazon has to "buy" every copy that is out on loan. Even with that, some books still won't be made available.

No, the selection is fairly limited right now because apparently the "Big 6" publishers are not participating.

Prediction: something similar coming to Barnes & Noble soon.

This has been my main gripe about e-Readers and why I still buy a fair number of hard-copy books: I can't loan it out. And even the ones I can, I can't loan it out twice. A lot of books I read I think my dad might enjoy, so I put 'em in a pile and take them to him when I visit. I can't do that with an eReader, even if he had one.

I've considered just buying him a Nook and logging in with my account so that he'd get everything I've got, but I'm sure he wouldn't like half the stuff.

Barnes and Noble has had two forms of this for a long time.

"Lend Me" allows you to borrow books from a friend, but only for 21 days, and the friend can only lend a book once.

Read In Store, lets you read any ebook in any B&N store while connected to their WIFI. B&N still wants you in the store.
(Crafty cheapskates learned early that you could open a book in the store, pop to airplane mode, and continue reading forever. I think they fixed that.

Amazon already has the friend-lending feature as well, so why even drag that into the discussion of a completely different service?

As for the B&N "Read In Store" feature, I've read that you can only read the book for one hour per day...again, no comparison.

There's an important clarification to make here. You must not only own a Kindle device, you must actually be USING that device and not a Kindle app. Books cannot be borrowed using Kindle apps, and borrowed books cannot be read using Kindle apps. So if you regularly read using multiple devices (using WhisperSync to keep them synchronized), this new service may be of limited usefulness.