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Amazon is swinging their Fire TV trademark at a small fan site, This sort of thing isn't uncommon and not entirely unexpected since the word "Fire" is included on Amazon's list of trademarks, but it's still unfortunate for the site owners, and perhaps a little overzealous on Amazon's part to be going after a fansite like that.

The Facebook page has to be deleted and domain rights have to be forked over to Amazon in 7 days. No word on the Twitter account. A new domain,, has already been put up, though old links may be a problem.). If you wanted to get really creative, you could speculate that Amazon wants to secure their identity in the news space. Or perhaps they just want to make sure that all address on the web with the words "fire" and "tv" redirect to their store listing for the Fire TV itself. Though this is probably more just a case of Amazon's lawyers being proactive and ensuring that their trademark isn't needlessly diluted.

We've managed to keep using the Android name in our domain, but let's say something similar were to happen here: what alternative domains would you like to see us use if we were to ever encounter the hypothetical wrath of Google's lawyers?

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Amazon demands handover of Fire TV website domain


If you ever have to change the name i suggest or

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I hope Earth, Wind, and Fire sues Amazon for copying part of their Name, because they had it first.

It is pretty cute to think Amazon thinks they're in the same league as Apple.

Yet is available and for sale with NO ONE Owning it

I don't see Google ever going that far. Why attack the people that support what your doing amazon this is a bit much.

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I owned and (no idea why they decided not to buy them ahead of time). I got cease and desist emails from both Google and Motorola.

Aww...aren't you cute?

Yeah your mother didn't think so either. Don't worry though, you will still get a "Participation" trophy at the Special Olympics.

Something tells me if Google ever had a problem with Android Central they'd also have a problem with Nexus Central...

I wonder if Amazon would demand to take ownership of that domain? ;)

EDIT: GoDaddy now shows that the domain has been purchased. Is somebody making something awesome? ;)

Seriously Amazon? Spend more time making fire TV something worth buying instead of going after news blogs.

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Then we just need to figure out some way to replace with with an Emoji or something, so it can be, or this actually sounds good. "A site for people who love Android"

What does René have to say about that?
Posted via Android Central App if they were to do that of course. Funny thing is I just canceled my Prime membership. This is the kind of stuff that makes me not want to buy products from douche companies like Apple.

Whatever happened to the days of "hey, we'd sure like that domain you own, how much to buy it?" Also, on that crazy list of trademarks is Al Dente, so make sure you fully cook your noodles or Amazon will take them away!

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Those days passed when everyone and their dog thought they could grab up all the domains (damned squatters) and charge a premium for them. It is in some instances cheaper to sue in court for the domain. Not saying that is true here, but if you sue for the domain and trademark, it shows you are actively defending your name, and it would be harder for someone else to sue you to get the name.

Edit: changed copyright to trademark.

The guy at (the new domain ) did say in an earlier blog post that upon originally registering , he knew that someday Amazon could possibly come after him for using "Fire" in the name.

Still, Amazon sucks for making him change it. He's supporting their product and giving it some extra publicity.

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I think it's ridiculous that a company can claim a trademark on such common words like "fire" and "tv". Not being able to trademark your product names should be a risk associated with using common words like that.

Agreed. "FireTV" as a trademark would be one thing, but how the hell were they allowed to trademark "fire"? Do I now have to pay Amazon $0.05 every time I go camping?

Your question don't make sense because Google isn't going to be such arseholes. It is understandable that Amazon or Apple would do that.

I didn't think you could trademark common words, mind you Apple have done it.

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Because our patent and trademark system in the US is horribly broken beyond belief. Just like when King.Com was able to trademark the words "candy" and "saga" independently of each other, and then used that trade mark to sue an upcoming game called "Banner Saga" into oblivion. There was even some clothing that had to be pulled off the market because the color was named candy-something-or-other, even though the clothing had existed for years.

It's time for a *serious* overhaul of the USPTO. By fire, if necessary.

(And yes, I used your word. Bring it on, Amazon).

I truly hated Amazon when it took them 45 days to refund my money on a product that never arrived...

I would like to invite everyone on AC to join my Amazon Boycott...

If by some bizarre chance Google did do that I think out of spite I'd go with FoAndGuckYourselfGoogle.Com

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Amazon is doing nothing more than what the trademark law requires to protect one's marks from becoming generic. From one of the comments above the owner of the infringing domain name was aware of the potential confllict and instead of contacting Amazon to get permission instead went ahead with using what he was aware was a potential infringement. So it would seem that once again bashing a major player is better than the writers and commentors getting the facts before engaging pens and mouths.

You're not wrong, but it is still a pretty stupid move on Amazon's part. They basically just shut down free advertising for their product.

If Amazon didn't do this, and kept the free advertising, they could lose the trademark. Losing the trademark would be much worse than losing some free advertising.

I don't like it, but I understand it.

i have absolutely no knowledge on this matter, Instead of a hostile takeover of the domain name, wouldn't they have to at least buy that domain name from them, cause i thought at least the Internet was a pretty free market as far as trademarks

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If forced to give up the legitimate use of the name, may I suggest "GoogleSucksCentral".
Because if Google ever did they they would suck.
But that's all moot since, the site has existed and would probably fall under fair use.

Just bought with my GoDaddy account lol. any web Dev wanna make a nice site for amazon and use that domain name for some fun :)????

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With some of the douche-moves Google has made lately (youtube anyone?) your scenario is not too far-fetched.
Go with

Endless, artificial, fire, and a few others are words that I don't see how you can trademark. I can see specific cases such as the use of FireTV, but not trademarking fire. My question is when was the domain originally purchased?

What will happen if Amazon's lawyers get hired by Google, Inc? Will they really go after AndroidCentral's domain name?

What about China? Can they also go after AndroidCentral for using the workd "Central"? (As in China Central TV)

then people ask me why I would never buy one of those Amazon Android based devices. F****ing *ssh*les! Now they gonna demand to give their domain? LOL.
If they don't want to be vanilla and do their own thing with their own store, great, at least contribute something to the AOSP.

If Google would go after I would vote to rename it to

That would be funny. A massive lawsuit against us all would surely draw mass media attention. Although...........that being said....actually sounds like a great idea. Time to give amazon what they want, lol!

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I'm about to put a TV in the kitchen, and need a computer of some sort. I don't think the Amazon Fire will be the one for me. Probably get either an Android TV or just an Android stick.

The fire phone is at best a mediocre phone and fire tv isn't as good as Roku, Amazon is becoming a bully with the Kindle Fire bullying the publishers and now this? Next thing you know you won't be able to say the word fire without paying a royalty!

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The more money they spend on lawyers and the less I spend on FireTV/Fire Phone - The greater the chance Amazon will end in fire. This is good with me.