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Amazon released its third-quarter earnings today. And while the Kindle Fire isn't yet available, CEO Jeff Bezos is pimping pre-orders like they're they lifeblood of the company. And if the rhetoric is even half true, it might well be. Bezos said they're already increasing manufacturing capacity "and building millions more than we'd already planned."

Not bad for a device that nobody in the public (as well as 99 percent of journalists) has even touched yet.

Money-wise, Amazon says net sales were up 44 percent year over year, to $10.88 billion in the three months ending Sept. 30, though net income was down 73 percent to $63 million.

Conference call's coming up. Stay tuned.

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Amazon building 'millions more' Kindle Fires than planned, thanks to pre-orders


While the price point of this device will make a success, I just can't get too excited about it as a tablet since it will have limited functionality compared to the other android tablets out there. I wish they would make all of the amazon services available on other android devices. Maybe the dev community can make that happen after the fire is released.

well, at that price point, most ppl will go for it but, i changed my mind because of a lack of cameras.i might wanna skype from time to time.

it is not an android tablet. Just runs a limited version of Android and does not support Android marketplace for Apps. Will appeal to ebook fanatics who can now have better intuitive displays and do much more than just reading ebooks.

Everything you just said also applied to the Nook Color when it was first released, but look at it now...

If I were a betting man, I would say the Amazon Fire is going to be cracked open into a fully functioning budget tablet as well. Even if it doesn't, having the Amazon Appstore will be good enough for many consumers.

Amazon is losing money on each one sold hoping to make it up in software revenue. I'm happy if it does well cause it'll bring the android name to so many more people that might end up choosing a high end android tab over an ipad in the next year or 2.

Sony did the same thing with the ps3, including a blu ray player and losing money on the sale. It seems to have worked out for them though.

I agree, link please. This is just speculation otherwise.

For example, the cost of the Kindle Fire is probably less to manufacture than $250. The reason I say this is based on the part cost and manufacture cost of the first iPad was under $250 and probably cheaper now. Plus there are no cameras.,2817,2362373,00.asp#fbid=OUVK2Yr_Csn

Most likely they cost Amazon less than $250 each and if you distribute out the cost of software development over the millions of pre-orders, they will probably make a decent profit during the pre-order fulfillment.

Thanks buddy. Read it on pulse the other day. Figured an edjucated android user would google it if they really didnt believe me rather than wasting the same amount of time writing a post of their doubt.

Well the commercial does say that it is for reading, music and video, and add to that some games. So no, it is not a full android tablet, but I bet a lot of people don't use their tablets as a productivity tool.

Don't see why this is in a head to head war with full featured tabs. Its an e-reader on steroids. If you are a ipad user who only uses it to surf the web and read e-books, what do you need a ipad for then anyway other than "cool" factor? That thing is so cumbersome looking on crowded train commutes as it is.

The fire fits my mobile e-book/pdf white paper, youtube and browsing need very well. If you want to spin DJ turntables or need a "laptop" replacement for corporate needs, yeah sure ipad/honeycomb FTW.